Old School vs. New School: Your parents are freaks too!

Posted: August 4, 2009 by DARKNE$$ in Musical Knowledge
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We’ve all had the old folks talking about the young whippersnappers and their loud, obnoxious, meaningless music.  Now I must admit that some of the music today can’t even come close to some of the classics…plus someone like Ne-Yo or Mario would get the shit kicked out of them by pimps like “Scarry” Barry White or Marvin “I’m not” Gaye…then they would make a smooth song about kicking your ass to get your girl to sleep with them….but I digress.

(Now tell me Barry wouldn’t open hand slap the lip gloss off Ne-Yo and make him work the corner of MLK and Main St.)

The fact is that a lot of the classics that our parents listen to were talking about the same ish that we are today.  That brings me to the first edition of Old School vs. New School.  Today we will look at a freaky deaky song from certified studio skanks.


Alright let’s start with the chorus….”Tell me something good…Tell me that you like it”!  Sounds like this chick is a lady in the streets and a freak in the bed.  But lets analyze further:

“You ain’t got no kind of feeling inside
I got something that will sure ’nuff set your stuff on fire”

That sounds like she got a sweet VD to give you so you better wear dos jimmys.  Ya Dig!!!

“Got no time is what you’re known to say
I’ll make you wish there were 48 hours to each day
Problem is you ain’t been loved like you should
What I got to give will sure ’nuff do you good”

No this sounds like this is a for real trick ass B.  She is basically saying that you ain’t got time to break off my kit kat becuase of your old lady at home well you are going to be sneaking out at night to get some of this tasty cake.  Then she even says that you ain’t getting it like you should at home so I’m going to do all the freaky ish that you woman ain’t doing.  CERTIFIED SKANK!


Now Adina Howard is just a modern day CERTIFIED SKANK…because she just come out and says she a “Freak until the day until the dawn”.  But let’s really break down the lyrics:

“I’m packing all the flavor you need
I got you shook up on your knees
’cause it’s all about the dog in me”

No she is saying again that if you toss her pie up in the sky that it would turn in sunshine and that you would be on your needs beggin for another slice.   Not I don’t know about the dog part…could mean that she is obediant and will lick anything including herself…or it could mean that she likes to take the D the bow wow wow style.

“Let me lay it on the line
I got a little freakiness inside
And you know that the man
Has got to deal with it”

Now this sounds like she is working the corner…everyone knows that “the man” is slang for the police.  So she is saying that she has been busted down for prostitution before.  That’s good that she is being upfront with that…not saying you shouldn’t get in there…just double that jimmy up!

So what have we learned from this?  That our parents are freaks too!  And that their music and skeezers aren’ t that different from ours.  A CERTIFIED SKANK IS A CERTIFIED SKANK no matter if she is going to take you around the hood on a gansta lean or ask you to tell her that it’s good.  So in the words of Weezy…”You better wear a latex, cuz you don’t want that late text, that I think I’m ‘late’ text, SO WRAP IT UP!”

DARKNE$$ AKA Dark Diggler


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