And Finally…A Post About Music

Posted: August 6, 2009 by Hotdogs Anderson in Musical Knowledge
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It’s about time to drop some musical knowledge on everybody.  That boy Jimmy Brooks aka Drake bka “Ohhhh My Knee” (too soon?)and Weezy spit ridiculous bars over this Boi-1nda (produced “Best I Ever Had” and “Uptown” among others) track:  .

Hot ish from Drizzy:

“I deserve a MTV show for me and my people
and if you tryna zone I got a whole swisha sweet full
rappers are liars and they women are deceitful
adding till they subtract me I never be an equal”

I have to drop some Techno/House/Electronic/Progressive knowledge as well.  Hate all you want, but this stuff keeps you going hard in the gym (NH), especially when you have dudes in wife beaters, jeans, and Tims beauregarding the machine you’ve been wanting to use for the past 15 MINUTES (post about that coming soon).

  1. J Edd says:

    Does the fact that Heartbreak Drake Premiered as a handicapped kid in Degrassi take away any of his street cred? No one else seems to think so, but I have a problem getting past this.

  2. DARKNE$$ says:

    I think him being Canadian is far worse than being on a tv show as a handicap kid. People forget that The Game got dumped on the tv show “Change of Heart” back in the day. Absurd!

  3. DARKNE$$ says:

    By the way…only Weezy can go thru the whole alphabet and make it hot.

  4. Logic says:

    I can’t front, at first I was like I hate you HD Anderson, but this song is FIRE

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