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Posted: August 6, 2009 by Logic in Sports
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What do you get when you mix the bottom of the ninth, 2 outs, a 17-4 score, and Manny Ramirez being hit in the 7th? You get an extremely angry, and large, Prince Fielder.Prince

No not that Prince(is his name even Prince anymore? I have no idea. On another note, my mom wanted to name me Prince, luckily my dad talked her out of it, because if she got her way I guarantee I wouldn’t be where I am today. Anyways). Prince Fielder, son of former all star Cecil Fielder. Prince is one of the last of a dying breed, the black man in baseball.  African Americans have migrated towards basketball and football, probably because they dont have to play 162 games in a season…and its not boring.  It’s no longer the time of Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, and Jackie Robinson.  It’s now the time of Torii Hunter, Edwin Jackson, and well Prince Fielder.  Prince would have gotten brothers banned from baseball(yea, commissioners of a sport have that much power, I mean Roger Goodell suspended Michael Vick indefinitely AFTER her was in jail for two years and missed 2 seasons) and nearly gave us a real bad case of When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong but teammates and security were there to stop him.


An “unwritten rule” of baseball is when an opposing team purposely hits your best hitter you hit their best hitter.  I guess Prince never got this memo.  Ok fine, stupid, but fine. They’ve been doing it for years, fine whatever.  To get off topic for a second, why is this allowed? Isn’t throwing something hard at someone with intent to injure illegal? I mean I couldn’t walk downstairs and hit the guy working the front desk with a shoe could I? And what about hockey players being allowed to fight? Umm, hello? If you get caught fighting in a bar you will probably get arrested, or at least put in the back of a cop car for a little while.  But back to the point, Dodger pitcher Guillermo Mota was pitching against Fielder in the 9th after Manny was hit in the 7th, and he proceeded to plunk Fielder in the knee. Fielder got up, seemingly confused(he and Mota were teammates last year)and only a tad upset.  Fielder eventually took his base and everything seemed fine.  It seemed fine…

At this point you say good job Prince.  You could have rushed the mound, you could have started a bench clearing brawl, basically you could have been real Ig’nant, but you weren’t.  You made us brothers look good, not all of us are angry hot heads out to attack the first person who wrongs them.


Well after the game ended, each team headed to their respective locker rooms.  Actually scratch that, 24 of the 25 Brewers players went to the locker room.  Prince stopped in his locker room momentarily.  Just long enough to drop off his first basemen’s mit, then he headed off to the Dodgers locker room on a hunt for Guillermo Mota.

Prince is out there getting back to his roots and being an angry black man. He was smart, he could have attacked him in the middle of the playing field and served a multiple game suspension.  Instead he waited til he got behind the scenes. Unfortunately however he forgot about youtube.  In the end he made the right choice because he got fined a few thousand dollars as opposed to suspension and lets face it that’s nothing to a pro ball player.  For those who don’t know, Fielder is about 5’11” 270 while the man he was chasing POST GAME was not nearly as large. I could be wrong, but I do believe this is quite Ig’nant


  1. The dark knight says:

    Although it may be perceived that Prince Fielder was simply playing the stereotype of an angry black man he was in fact staying true to the game of baseball and adhering to its tough guy roots. Although I am not doing this story justice because I can not call the names of the players, managers, and umpires involved. I recently have been reading a book called Baseball during the Depression Era. A time where baseball players did not make that much money and had second jobs during the offseason and played numberous exhibition games in order to make a living. Anyway, one of the stories highlighted in this book was during a game in the late innings an umpire made a questionable call on balls and strikes eventually deciding the outcome of the game. The player who struck out and couple of his teammates later went after the umpire post game and had some colorful words for him. Keep in mind this umpire was also known for being a hot head and eventually this altercation came to blows. Upon an investigation by the commisioner at the time Kennisaw Mountain Landis fines were issued to all parties involved for anywhere between $50-$200. No suspension were issued although the umpire would not be involved in another game that season due to the injuries he sustained during the fight. Now, I know I have digressed here but the point is this not only did the commisioner keep a cool head and not issue some outlandish suspension to those parties involved, players were able to get after it how they saw fit. This when the game of baseball was a man’s game. Guys would play injured, hungover, puking, ralphing, vomiting, etc…Prince Fielder was just keeping it real and saying yo’ Mota you throw bout 93-95 with some inside run don’t be hitting me in the 9th intentionally or you gonna get yours. In my opinion as long as they can both be men about it and go on and play the next day ain’t nothing wrong with that.

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