You Need Jesus! – Soulja Boy

Posted: August 6, 2009 by Cleotus Jenkins aka the Slow Stroka in Generic Banter
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DeAndre Way aka Soulja Boy needs to be open hand slapped for his recent ignance.

We try to be Soulja Boy defenders here at ATI. Although his lyrical content is elementary at best, he tends to put out hot beats. “Swag On” featuring Weezy gets constant play. He also created a dance that even ballerinas can master. Unfortunately, for every “Swag On” or “Crank Dat”, we get 20 “Marco Polos” or the above video. I think this guy likes getting clowned. Did he not hear what happened to Yung Berg?

First you over-stunt with your gaudy chain:


Then you get robbed by real thugs:


I don’t know what made him go to Toys R Us and purchase a Tyco car. He claims that a jeweler created it for him, but i ain’t buying that ish. Jacob the Jeweler doesn’t know where to cop toy cars.

I’m starting to question this guy’s sanity due to the fact that HE HAS ALREADY BEEN JACKED FOR HIS CHAIN BEFORE.

A couple of things I don’t understand:

1. Is he going to rap on stage with that chain? If so, I guess he has to always carry that remote control to get his money’s worth.

2. I thought he was somewhat balling after his success over the past couple of years. It sure looks like that video was filmed in a Holiday Inn. I used to play my Sega Genesis on a TV similar to the one in the room. I’m going to assume that what I’m seeing is a jacuzzi in his room because I know his bathtub is not in the same room as his bed. Strange

I can’t even say “Come on SB, you’re better than that.” because he isn’t.

Cleo aka Your Girl’s Best Kept Secret

  1. J Edd says:

    All Things Ignant, yet no Gucci or Da Juiceman stories yet? My two favorite artists

  2. Hotdogs Anderson says:

    Don’t worry J Eddy, it’s coming.

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