Great Moments in Passion History

Posted: August 7, 2009 by Logic in Great Moments In Passion History
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My friend Banter made a post about passion, and he pretty much summed up exactly what it is. But let me put my own spin on it.  Passion is equivalent to the Matrix, it is all around us and it is everywhere.  Some are aware of the Passion(even if you don’t know it is called Passoin) and some are not.  You can’t see it or hear it but you know it is around you at all times.  What is Passion? Passion is waking up in the morning for work.  Passion is getting served at 4pm and staying all night to finish a presentation.  Passion is Tuesday aka the worst day of the week.  Passion can be anything, it has no boundaries and plays by no rules.  There are a select few things that can combat passion: Banter(which inspired us to start this blog), Booze, Logic, GChat, generic things to look forward too, and email chains.  But perhaps the two most important ones are Friday and free food.

Well I got hit with a nice dose of both this morning.  I woke up and it was Friday, this is great.  I drove to work and there was minimal traffic, awesome.  Turn on my computer and go get my morning hot chocolate(yes hot chocolate, I don’t F with coffee anymore). What was in the kitchen? FREE BAGELS!

To some this is just a bagel, but to me it represents hope.  Hope that one day, I will move to an island and live off the land and give up this 8-5 grind I put myself through

Happy Friday to all those out there in the work world, finally Tuesday is over.

Who am I kidding, passion will find a way to strike because it can’t be beaten. You can only hope to not lose that bad



Just went back for round two and got a danish.  However, passion has struck in the form of doing tasks that I normally don’t have to do and forgetting my phone charger(going on a trip today)so now I have to go home and get it.  I’d say passion and I are in an early battle, passion is up by a field goal in the 1st quarter.  Unfortunately OCBP(office chair back pain)is starting to kick in, Friday or not this could turn into a blowout win for the Passion.


Another Update

It’s almost halftime, Passion is up by 2 touchdowns.  My offense needs to go Daytona and get some points on the board before we head into the locker room, unfortunately we haven’t been practicing daytona much, only grizzly.  If we near the endzone we’re going kodiak.



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