Thank God Football season is coming

Posted: August 12, 2009 by Banter in Sports, You're Better Than That
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I am going to just jump out there and say that if football is not your favorite sport you are G. I am also going to jump out there and say that if you follow NASCAR you are racist.


Even worse than being racist is the fact that you have the time to sit down for 6 hours and watch cars go around in circles. Get a grip. Bottom line, that ish is just not entertaining.

I’m getting a little off topic here but I really want to just express my disgust with the summer time sports lull. When all 10 ESPN Sportscenter Top Ten plays are moderately athletic baseball catches and throws and when world championship poker (which is in no way  shape or form a sport) consumes several 3 hour time slots multiple times a week, I jus start to get a little fed up.

Step ya game up ESPN

I started writing this post with the intent to talk strictly about football and how I am glad that is staring to come back on the TV.  Sorry that things got a little emotional up there, but I’m going to try bring it back. Basically there is no other sport out there that combines athleticism, physicality, team work and strategy at such a level. It truly is the greatest sport. FACT: If you don’t agree then you shouldn’t exist as a person. As of late I have  been ODing on NFL network and the excitement is just building. No more of this boring baseball ish. It’s time for the real athletes to shine.


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