The art of being WELL TAZED

Posted: August 14, 2009 by DARKNE$$ in Generic Banter

Sometimes it amazes me how people can drink so much that they end up doing outrageous things like peeing on themselves, pooping on themselves, passing out in the street, getting drawn on, puking uncontrollably, getting tea bagged, or this…

All of these scenarios would fall under the categorie of DRINKING FAIL!

But then those are those people that can booze 4 days out the week and drink egregious amounts each time and still be productive.  Hell me and my patna Cletus use to booze before finals in college.  It takes a special drinker to be able to be the sober drunk and be aware of your surrounding.  A productive drunk will drink just as much as everyone else, make sure they get home, get food, go home, pleasure a lady and still remember to set an alarm for work the next day.

Even though they will be able to accomplish these things they usually aren’t done in the conventional manner.  Like you may make sure every gets home by splitting a cab with them but not paying, or you may think you pleasured your lady but you really just humped her stomach for 5 min, you may think you set your alarm but really you yelled at said lady to do it before passing out,  and you may think that you are ordering food politely but you are really doing this…


“Make my sandwich ho”

Now that’s the art of being well tazed…

Darkne$$ aka Bugs Money

  1. […] he’ll order for us.  I ask him to get me a turkey sandwich and he tells the guy to “make my sandwich ho” and ask for every meat possible.  While trying not to puke I didn’t notice that I […]

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