Where’s My Powder? – Crocodile Man

Posted: August 18, 2009 by Cleotus Jenkins aka the Slow Stroka in Generic Banter, Where's My Powder?
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Please take a look at this fool:


That my friends, is Chito. He is a self proclaimed animal lover also known as the “Crocodile Man”. Starring in the pic is his croc friend Pocho. Chito freely admits that he enjoys kissing and hugging this 980lb. beast.

Things like this are what separates my people from CCA peeps. If tomorrow you read that a grown ass man was killed while snuggling with a 980lb croc, you wouldn’t expect it to be a brother from Detroit or Atlanta. We know better. We don’t need a phd in crocology to know that crocs:

-are top predators in their environment and various species have been observed attacking and killing sharks

-can grow up to 15ft and weigh up to 2,000lbs.

-their bite force is more than 5,000 pounds per square inch

It’s ironic that we were talking about humans befriending animals in the ATI cafeteria today. CCA people, stop being friends with animals. Stop kissing your dog in the mouth. Stop carrying your dog in a big purse. Stop feeding your pets adult food. Dogs shouldn’t be eating deli meat. Stop dressing your pets in human clothes. Stop giving them human names. I want your dog to be named “Butch” or “Killa” not “Mark” or “Stevie”.

When are you going to learn that it only takes one sudden move for these creatures to snap on your ass like a sista that just got called a “b*%#h”.

Have people forgotten what happened to Roy from “Siegfried and Roy”? Yeah? Tell em Chris:

Here’s the full article:

Croc Man

-King Cleonidas


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