Do you know where you daughter is?

Posted: August 25, 2009 by DARKNE$$ in You're Better Than That
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This is just turrrrible.  I mean these lil Christina Aguileras can only be about 15 or 16 max.  Here they are outside of the Soulja Boy Tour Bus talking about “how disgusting” the things are that they would do to get in the bus with him.   Come on…are we still talking about Soulja Boy here?   That’s like asking what would you do for a Klondike Bar!  Sure Klondike Bars are delicious but you won’t go as far as to be offering yourself up like a freeze pop on a hot day.  HAVE A LIL SELF RESPECT!  Peep the video below.

Hahaha did you see how her girl was hyping up her cash flow?   I’m sure lil Becky’s Dad is happy she’s using is hard earned coin to try to get on a bus with someone famous for writing his name on his sunglasses.  We need to break out the Costco size baby powder to take care of these two jail baits.

Darkne$$ aka The Darkeologist


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