Do you know where your daughter is? Part Two

Posted: August 25, 2009 by DARKNE$$ in You're Better Than That
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In my previous post “Do you know where your daughter is?”, I showed you some CCA Dakota Fannings trying to get at Soulja Boy after a concert by being willing “to do disgusting things”.   Well that is a great segue into this post because this is just plain disgusting.

So it’s summer time and you’re off to work but you leave Alexis and L’Audihome alone because they don’t have school.  You think to yourself…they’ll be able to keep themselves busy while I’m at work right.  RIGHT! They call over their friend the Pleasure P wanna be and proceed to make this YouTube video.

Now this is what happened on camera so you can only imagine what happened afterwards.   Now I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and say they have been watching to many music videos and are good kids.  But this looks like a preseason exhibition before the real game….ya dig.   Hell they looked pretty experience already….looks like they covered putting the P in the V, L’ing the P, S’ing the D, hitting it D’style, and everything else in the book.  As always I’ll ask…is there anything right with this?  At least they will be able to remember the day lil L’Audi got pregnant with L’Saab and be able to prove that Pleasure P wanna b should be shelling out that child support.

But this has to fall under the category of just plain ol’ ig’nant.  You sir are not Pat Swayze and this is not Dirty Dancing.

Darkne$$ aka Mr. Hoodbar


So as you can see the video of the nasty lil kids dancing was deleted off of YouTube.  So I’ll hit you with another video of the Twerk Team from ATL.  They are a group of teenage girls who have become YouTube Ho-lebrities for shaking they arses.  They have danced to all the ignant dance songs you can think of including the most ignant of them all…the STANKY LEGG!


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