Case of the Butteryass Mondays

Posted: August 31, 2009 by DARKNE$$ in Generic Banter
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I came across one of these videos a couple weeks ago and about died laughing my personal jail aka my cubicle.   This dude is straight hilarious and he be dropping some street knowledge.   Now ya boy Darkne$$ came up in the hood around section 8, food stamps, lil debbies and utilities getting cut-off… so I could have used this information growing up.  But peep two of the videos below which are part of a series called Butteryass Mondays.  These vids can be found on YouTube or on  Shout out to the peeps over there. 

Butteryass Week

Hahaha…now was this video educational or what?  Tell me you just didn’t learn something and have some techniques added to your hustle game.   My man just told you how to steo your scrill game up over the course of a week in order to have a semi-balla weekend.  Yo if you have a dollar store near you then please take advantage of it.   The dollar store is gods gift to the scrilla impaired.  Now peep out the second video which screams of absurdness.

Butteryass Suspect Samich

When  I saw this I was literally laughing out loud like Will Ferrell was doing stand up in my cube.  This is exactly what we here at ATI would define as IGNANT.  First off, buying a sandwich from the liquor store…ignant.  Deconstructing said sandwich, microwaving the meat, icing the cheese, and warming the bread…ignant.  Making hot chocolate out of coffee creamer and flavoring…ignant.   HAHAHA all I know is that I am a fan of Butteryass Mondays and I suggest you get on board. 

Darkne$$ aka Egregious Philbin


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