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Attention NFL OTs, he is going to spin

Posted: September 30, 2009 by REASON in Sports
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Dwight Freeney is a beast. When healthy he is one of the most dominant players in the league and as a former Defensive player myself I love to watch the man ball NHND.

With that being said, the man LITERALLY HAS ONE MOVE! Why can’t O-lineman stop this? Don’t get me wrong he does his spin move near to perfection and waits till he is inside the Tackle’s reach to execute his move. But Tackles you are professionals and you watch film you know what he is going to do. No reason you can’t have some success against this.

A couple weeks ago I saw Dwight plant Jake long on his arse 1 -2 times by way of spin move. LG, get your minds right and do what you have to do to at least slow this man down.

In Fairness he does at times mix in the bull rush or just generic speed off the edge with the aggressive rip, but the spin is his go to and it is not that New New. Again O-Lineman (namely Tackles) do your HW and be ready for this move its not your first rodeo and you get paid to be prepared.  Dwight wish you a speedy recovery and keep doin the spin till they stop it.

Ya Boy,
Conviction aka Reason


If you value you job in anyway shape of form, despite all of the Passion it may bring, please do not watch this video at work. This ish will get you fired immediately. It is the definition of an HR nightmare.

I love how the black dude keeps it so serious the entire time.


It was reported earlier this week that a Johns Hopkins student straight Kill Bill Vol. One’d some fool with a samurai sword when he was investigating some strange noises coming from his garage late at night. Before I do what I do best and banter on about the subject at hand, I am going to throw yall a link to the news story so yall can get with me on this…Full Story

A few things I want to point out here. First and foremost, why did my man have a samurai sword chillin in the crib in the first place?  Beats me, but I might have to cop one for all those thievin ass haters our there tryin to jack my ish.

Also, why is it even a question whether or not this dude should get charged. Look my man got some nice ish jacked the night before and he got fed up with dealing with the lame ass police that aint doin nothin so my man went hard and did his thing. People are getting soft these days. If a dude is sneakin up in my crib tryin to steal my ish and I happen to come across him, hes taking a ride down BEAT DOWN BOULEVARD


(Too soon?? who cares)

Basically all I am saying is if you wake up and someone is up to some ignit ish in your house and he comes at you, he should be fair game.

Big ups to my dude for real tho. I prolly wouldn’t have went out there without a pistol in hand, cause it is the year 2009 and we got elementary schoolers holdin them thangs.

New Music Drop

Posted: September 15, 2009 by Hotdogs Anderson in Musical Knowledge
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It’s been a while since I dropped some new music so here it goes:

Weezy and Drizzy back at it with a new song-My Darlin’ Baby:

If you haven’t heard of Pac Div yet, you need to.  They are coming out of Cali with some hot ish:

Cop their mixtape Church League Champions here.

Mr. Bart Simpson Chain himself,    Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, and Twista – Wasted Remix (a.k.a. how ATI gets on the weekend)

Last but not least, Ghostface dropping ish like it’s 1996.  The lyrics on this are certainly NSFW.  Ghostface Killah-Stapleton Sex:


Posted: September 11, 2009 by Cleotus Jenkins aka the Slow Stroka in Musical Knowledge
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WHOOOOAAAAAAA! We back after taking a brief hiatus. It’s time for that slow jam of the week.

Today we got “Baby I’m Yours” by Shai. Again I ask the question: What happened to fire R&B like this? This droppa has no rap collabos and no auto-tune. This song is providing the blueprint for brothas to get them drawls thrown at them this weekend.


Now when R. Kels dropped “Feeling on Your Booty”  I immediately laughed, shook my head, and texted someone (Prob Cleotus) about how ignant it was.  But I must admit that when that joint came on at a party it was the JUMP OFF!  1.) It’s a hot slow jam 2.) It’s gives you a free pass to feel on the girls booty that you are dancing with 3.) It was usually the last song played and served as a great way to parlay into a sitch.   But if you really break this song down…is Kels really saying anything???? HA!  I mean he basically says that he is only here for the weekend and is looking to smash.  If you are down I would like to feel on your booty while my jam is playing.  After this I’m leaving so if you don’t come some other freak will.  Kels cuts straight to the point! Not of that “Excuse Me Miss What’s Your Name” ish that Luther be spittin.

But if that wasn’t ignant enough he decided to do this for his concert.

Wow…Kels…LET’S GO!  First you sing about sexually harrassing a girl in a club and to add fuel to the ignant fire you put a classical twist on it AND add in “Let me fondle you”.   Fondle is not a word you want to approach a woman with Kels.  I don’t know why I expect more of you.  After all you have songs called:

You remind me of my Jeep


Trapped in the Closet

Half on a Baby

Freaky in the Club

Bump n Grind

Sex Me

I like the Crotch on You

And you then drop the occasional inspirational song in there and you have R. Kelly.  You may be the most ignant writer of songs ever.  You sir are absurd.  Keep it up!

Darkne$$ aka Dark Diggler

Hahahaha…not sure who Young Jack Thrilla aka Dry Dick Donnie is but he should be part of the ATI team.  This interview is from the 60 min interview of Micheal Vick.  But I like this slightly more ignant version better.   Peep the vid below:

Hahaha…he asked the real hard hitting questions that people really wanted Vick to answer.   I would like to quote the movie The Hangover – “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…except Herpes…that ish will come back with you!”.  Vick has learned a couple things…when you get money cut off all of your hood ties…don’t kill dogs via electricity and drowing…and most importantly…don’t park your SUV in a contaminated garage!

ATI is pulling for Sick Dick Vick to bounce back!

Darkne$$ aka Bobby Brown-er