Get your sword game up people

Posted: September 17, 2009 by Banter in Generic Banter
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It was reported earlier this week that a Johns Hopkins student straight Kill Bill Vol. One’d some fool with a samurai sword when he was investigating some strange noises coming from his garage late at night. Before I do what I do best and banter on about the subject at hand, I am going to throw yall a link to the news story so yall can get with me on this…Full Story

A few things I want to point out here. First and foremost, why did my man have a samurai sword chillin in the crib in the first place?  Beats me, but I might have to cop one for all those thievin ass haters our there tryin to jack my ish.

Also, why is it even a question whether or not this dude should get charged. Look my man got some nice ish jacked the night before and he got fed up with dealing with the lame ass police that aint doin nothin so my man went hard and did his thing. People are getting soft these days. If a dude is sneakin up in my crib tryin to steal my ish and I happen to come across him, hes taking a ride down BEAT DOWN BOULEVARD


(Too soon?? who cares)

Basically all I am saying is if you wake up and someone is up to some ignit ish in your house and he comes at you, he should be fair game.

Big ups to my dude for real tho. I prolly wouldn’t have went out there without a pistol in hand, cause it is the year 2009 and we got elementary schoolers holdin them thangs.


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