Attention NFL OTs, he is going to spin

Posted: September 30, 2009 by REASON in Sports
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Dwight Freeney is a beast. When healthy he is one of the most dominant players in the league and as a former Defensive player myself I love to watch the man ball NHND.

With that being said, the man LITERALLY HAS ONE MOVE! Why can’t O-lineman stop this? Don’t get me wrong he does his spin move near to perfection and waits till he is inside the Tackle’s reach to execute his move. But Tackles you are professionals and you watch film you know what he is going to do. No reason you can’t have some success against this.

A couple weeks ago I saw Dwight plant Jake long on his arse 1 -2 times by way of spin move. LG, get your minds right and do what you have to do to at least slow this man down.

In Fairness he does at times mix in the bull rush or just generic speed off the edge with the aggressive rip, but the spin is his go to and it is not that New New. Again O-Lineman (namely Tackles) do your HW and be ready for this move its not your first rodeo and you get paid to be prepared.  Dwight wish you a speedy recovery and keep doin the spin till they stop it.

Ya Boy,
Conviction aka Reason

  1. Banter says:

    Hahahah I love how “ice pick” is a tag as if anyone outside of the U referes to it as that.

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