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Yes, Family Guy, one of my favorite shows, actually has a spin-off staring Cleveland Brown, its only black character other than Ollie Williams:

Now some of you are probably thinking just as I did, “1.) Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, (white dude) is going to make making a show around Cleveland (who happens to be voiced by some old white dude); who else is going to be cast for “authentic African-American realness” a.k.a. how is this show going to have and then keep its “black card?”  2.) How are they going to make this show without a hint of stereotyping or racism that would drive Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to have a town hall meeting on the show?  3.)And if the do succeed in not pissing off Jesse and Al, will it be good?”

Let’s take a look at #1. Cleveland is played by this man:

But Seth MacFarlane decided make sure the black card for the show would not expire by adding these two:

Yep, that’s Sanaa Lathan (if you don’t know who that is power slap yourself, and go check out And Reagan Gomez-Preston, ol’ girl from The Parent Hood (I think her name was Zaria).  They both could take a trip down to Beat Street.  They added some black cast members and one actually has decent “star power.”  But they also have this man in the cast playing the daughter’s white boyfriend, Federline Jones: Yep, that’s Jamie Kennedy, from such great films like

Secondly, we should know there will be some “black jokes.”  They slipped in Blackuweather Forecast on the Ollie Willaims clip above, which I found hilarious.  Also Cleveland Brown looks like Jesse Jackson:

So Al and Jesse will probably blow the show out of proportion like the do many other things.  But that’s another story for another post.

Now to #3.  The show started off kind of weak, in the first two episodes. But in episode 3, the hilarity picked up and I definitely enjoyed it.  At certain points I was definitely LLOL’ing (Literally Laughing Out Loud, as opposed to LOL which is so overused, you don’t ever know if the person who typed it is actually laughing at your statement, saying they’re laughing but really aren’t, or they are a 12 year old girl in a 25 year old male’s body).  One of my favorite scenes from the show…NO DECADENCE!!!:

Also the black Stewie, Rallo, is hilarious.  So check out the show on Sundays before Family Guy.

-Hotdogs Anderson


Well it seems that in the year 2009, with a Black President and everything,  some fools in Hollywood are tryin to take us back to the 70’s with some of that old classic ignant ish.  It has recently come to my attention that there is a flick coming out soon by the name of Black Dynamite. The name alone tells you what kind of film this is going to be. I’m gonna hit y’all with the trailer followed by some banter on the subject….cause that what I do, I banter.

…and the banter begins

Like for real for real, why is that negros stay getting paraded around as pimp, thugs, murderers, drug dealers, and in this case, jive ass turkeys (whatever that actually means). I thought that is why we put an end to this nonsensical genre of cinema. It does nothing but perpetuate ignorant stereotypes about blacks that are already blown entirely out of proportion. Blacks have a hard enough time struggling to overcome persistent racial barriers in our day-to-day lives without this ignant ish goin on. Not saying there aren’t any, but I have yet to see any movies that take place in a trailer park (beside 8 mile, it doesn’t count. Eminem is rich and became infinitely more rich after that movie) that revolve around poorly functioning families and broken neighborhoods. By no means am I saying that all people in trailer parks are what you would call “trailer trash” but just the same all blacks in urban populations are not dope slinging, jive talking kung fu masters.

Now on the other hand…..

How did these white people find out that this is exactly the kind of movie this  generation has been craving.  They must have surveyed a focus group or some ish because the timing is too perfect. I was really starting to miss those old school Bruce Lee movies with my man Kareem Abdul Jabber gettin his ass beat.(Why does the brotha always got to get his ass beat…I mean damn?) I know it is a real shame, but I am about 100% sure I am going to watch this movie. I really can not help that I find black dudes with afros talking nonsense and doing kung fu so appealing (NHND). I know, I know I am a hypocrite and all that good stuff, but this movie looks mad funny. It is obvious that I am a devout lover of ignance hence the creation of this blog. I mean come on, it has Arsenio Hall and Tommy Davidson, two  innovators of ignace and I must support them in their craft. I can only hope Richard Roundtree does a cameo.

Ohh baby

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Ohh it’s Grits and Gravy back from his month long itis…and as always I’ve got some pure classic ignance for you. This is a song by a group by the name of duck sauce…apparently it’s been out for about a year but it is now seeing heavy rotation at house parties, clubs, and goonish gatherings of all kinds. It is by the group Duck Sauce and is called “Anyway.” Duck Sauce is a product of the popular house artist Armand Van Helden who brought us classics like “I Want Your Soul.” The video is a spin off of an old school variety show that features some of the flyest cats you will ever see. I will warn you… this is not just one of those toe tapping joints you have on your iPod when you’re riding the subway either…it’s the real deal.

Yes N Yes…pure gold. You don’t even want to find the nearest whooty to grind up on when you hear this… you just want to seduce her, undress her, and damn near satisfy her with your moves, soul, and utter ignance. There are only about 5 total lines in this eye opening medley of funkadelic house, but the repetition ensures easy recognition when hearing the song when you are tazed. Don’t act like you aren’t gonna try to learn the dance for the club this weekend.

Bottom line from all of us at CTE…you can do it any way that you want it. Needless to say, Ig’nance is the way that grits wants it


Grits and Gravy