Don’t Sleep On The Cleveland Show

Posted: October 14, 2009 by Hotdogs Anderson in Generic Banter
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Yes, Family Guy, one of my favorite shows, actually has a spin-off staring Cleveland Brown, its only black character other than Ollie Williams:

Now some of you are probably thinking just as I did, “1.) Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, (white dude) is going to make making a show around Cleveland (who happens to be voiced by some old white dude); who else is going to be cast for “authentic African-American realness” a.k.a. how is this show going to have and then keep its “black card?”  2.) How are they going to make this show without a hint of stereotyping or racism that would drive Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to have a town hall meeting on the show?  3.)And if the do succeed in not pissing off Jesse and Al, will it be good?”

Let’s take a look at #1. Cleveland is played by this man:

But Seth MacFarlane decided make sure the black card for the show would not expire by adding these two:

Yep, that’s Sanaa Lathan (if you don’t know who that is power slap yourself, and go check out And Reagan Gomez-Preston, ol’ girl from The Parent Hood (I think her name was Zaria).  They both could take a trip down to Beat Street.  They added some black cast members and one actually has decent “star power.”  But they also have this man in the cast playing the daughter’s white boyfriend, Federline Jones: Yep, that’s Jamie Kennedy, from such great films like

Secondly, we should know there will be some “black jokes.”  They slipped in Blackuweather Forecast on the Ollie Willaims clip above, which I found hilarious.  Also Cleveland Brown looks like Jesse Jackson:

So Al and Jesse will probably blow the show out of proportion like the do many other things.  But that’s another story for another post.

Now to #3.  The show started off kind of weak, in the first two episodes. But in episode 3, the hilarity picked up and I definitely enjoyed it.  At certain points I was definitely LLOL’ing (Literally Laughing Out Loud, as opposed to LOL which is so overused, you don’t ever know if the person who typed it is actually laughing at your statement, saying they’re laughing but really aren’t, or they are a 12 year old girl in a 25 year old male’s body).  One of my favorite scenes from the show…NO DECADENCE!!!:

Also the black Stewie, Rallo, is hilarious.  So check out the show on Sundays before Family Guy.

-Hotdogs Anderson


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