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AHAHAHAHA…that never get’s old.  But ya boy Rick James ain’t got nothin on this dude right here!

Wow…I’ve never in my life saw a man get slapped so hard.  Did you hear the sound from the sheer force of the slap and of the dude hitting the ground?  Look how far his hat flies off…bahaahahahaha.  Also I love how the dude goes over to check his vitals after he bitch slaps him to make sure he’s still alive and then just leaves the poor bastard lying there.

Where is Smokey when you need him…because this dude got KNOCKED THE F*CK OUT?  Or as we at ATI would say…SIR, YOU GOT IT DROPPED IN YO DRAWLS!

You can be getting knocked out by an open handed slap.  That’s just not right.  Slapping is reserved for the Decadent and for Pimps.   You can get the Rick James Slap to the face and not get back up.  Guess they don’t get Makin’ the Band over in the Czech Republic or else homeboy would already know this…

Pane Formovat tvůj pivo….which translates to Sir Throw your Beer in Czech.

Darkne$$ aka  Gut Buster Douglass


Bud Light Knows Ig’nance Sells

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Bud Light or as I affectionately call it “Booooood Light” has some of the greatest Commercials of all time.  They constantly deliver several gems during the Superbowl.  Rumor has it that they start planning the commercials for the next Superbowl directly after the game ends from the previous one.  Well we you are spending millions on commercials you better make sure they sale beer.  Check out some of my favorites:

The Dude commercial was classic and had everyone and their mother saying “dude” to everything.  The swear jar spot was genious….who doesn’t like inappropriate swearing.  The meeting is awesome because it shows some dude getting shot out a window.  The bartender spot sets up the next one nicely!

Alright enough examples…if you thought those were absurd and ignant.  Check out their newest sport released only on the internet of course.

Hahaha this is ridiculous…why you would want to associate your brand with Bone Smuggling/Driving the Hershey Highway/Entering Through the Back Door/Plowing the Back Field/Gardening Uphill/Goin’ to Brown Town or whatever you want to call it(NHND)…is confusing to me. But the concept is hilarious and I will remember that Bud Light Lime now comes in a can now.  That’s good ol’ ignant advertising!

I thought those Germans (InBev) were going to ruin Boooood Light when they bought Anheuser Busch but I guess they know what they are doing and that you shouldn’t fix anything that is not broken. Germans also know what should be associated with beer.  Cheers!

Darkne$$ aka The Zen Master Phil Blackson

Really Google???

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Now if this ain’t ig’nant I don’t know what is.   I don’t know maybe this is fake or doctored up.  But either way it’s absurd.

Dr. King had a dream that all little boys and girls could google freely without racist injustice!

Darkne$$ aka Duncan Hines Ward the Cake Reciever

Chinua Achebe comes to College Hill

Posted: October 15, 2009 by The dark knight in Real World Knowledge
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We at ATI would like to proudly present a new Bantegory in to the ATI repertoire: Real World Knowledge.  Posts included in this Bantegory will try to spread knowledge to our readers about current events happening in the world that we would not consider Ig’nant.  We want to provide our readers with a rich abundance of topics to banter about with their friends, family, colleagues, and coworkers, so it can’t always be about the ig’nance that is present in our world.  And so it begins:

Brown University once again has shown its commitment to academic enrichment as African Novelist, Cninua Achebe, will joining the faculty as a professor of Africana studies.

Mr. Achebe is probably best known for his literary works “No longer at ease” and “Things Fall Apart.”

He is widely regarded as a pioneer in African literature and I believe has acted as a conduit of learning and communication between West African novelist and academics and their western colleagues.  It is quite possible that my interest in Mr. Achebe’s works stem from my own West African origins but this is certainly not the only reason why I have taken interest enthralled by this man’s work.  He provides a wealth of knowledge and understanding not only of Africa but of the entire world.  He is a master of his field and I implore every Brown University student to take the opportunity to meet and learn from this man because I can assure it is an experience that you will not regret.

Check out the article here

-The dark knight

Don’t bring them on the Plane …..

Posted: October 15, 2009 by REASON in Generic Banter
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I used to be a fan of flying but over the past few years I’ve grown to dislike it more and more. Aside from the spike in crashes/near disasters (Air France crash in Atlantic and Hudson water landing) the Airlines have mercilessly pinned down Americans and are assaulting us in “various” ways. With that said it is clear that flying nowadays is a very passionate undertaking.

Adding to the aforementioned Passion are people who bring their small children (age newborn to 3/4 yrs old) on the plane, this is wrong and needs to be ceased. Now don’t get me wrong there are some small children that can fly, these usually are the mellow kids who require very little and sleep a lot (i.e. feed me, change me, I’m good). However these children are the extreme minority. What I’m talking about are the 99%  who are the exact opposite and terrorize the flight’s passengers.

These kids cry (a lot),  consistently make other loud unnecessary  noises,  and are constantly jittering/moving around.Worse these kids have parents who clearly have negative control of them that try and plead with them to be more quiet/still , horribly unsuccessful.

I understand that families are more spread out nowadays and flying is more convenient(on a relative basis) but your are introducing considerable amounts of passion to a sitch that has far too much. I recently was on a 10 1/2 hour flight from Greece (great time, but mizz flying sitch) and there was a small child three rows in front of me. Cute kid, but the kid literally cried for 2-3 hours of the flight. Mind you everyone is already suffering from mild forms of cabin fever  due to being in anything for that long but now you have a screeching child who lacks any semblance of ration/reason/logic keeping you company.

Please folks just leave the kid at home with someone you trust or don’t fly.  I love kids (have a ton of niece and nephews) but I know how they can be sometimes and how annoying it is for adults. Asking a kid to be quiet and still for that long is nearly impossible. Don’t be that guy and please fly sans small kids.

Ya Boy,
Reason aka Conviction