What did the Five Fingers say to the Face???

Posted: October 15, 2009 by DARKNE$$ in Throw Your Beer, Where's My Powder?
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AHAHAHAHA…that never get’s old.  But ya boy Rick James ain’t got nothin on this dude right here!

Wow…I’ve never in my life saw a man get slapped so hard.  Did you hear the sound from the sheer force of the slap and of the dude hitting the ground?  Look how far his hat flies off…bahaahahahaha.  Also I love how the dude goes over to check his vitals after he bitch slaps him to make sure he’s still alive and then just leaves the poor bastard lying there.

Where is Smokey when you need him…because this dude got KNOCKED THE F*CK OUT?  Or as we at ATI would say…SIR, YOU GOT IT DROPPED IN YO DRAWLS!

You can be getting knocked out by an open handed slap.  That’s just not right.  Slapping is reserved for the Decadent and for Pimps.   You can get the Rick James Slap to the face and not get back up.  Guess they don’t get Makin’ the Band over in the Czech Republic or else homeboy would already know this…

Pane Formovat tvůj pivo….which translates to Sir Throw your Beer in Czech.

Darkne$$ aka  Gut Buster Douglass

  1. Hotdogs Anderson says:

    The slap and the dude hitting the ground sound like a damn gunshot. DAMN

  2. Cleotus Jenkins aka the Slow Stroka says:

    the rick james rapid fire slap has made my morning.

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