Ig’nant converstations with Mr. Been Had

Posted: October 16, 2009 by DARKNE$$ in You're Better Than That
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Show me an ignant ass dude with a camera and I’ll show you Youtube jackass.  So there is a self proclaimed celebrity YouTube star by the name of Jose Hustle.  Basically he make videos about what he has and makes the claim that he “BEEN HAD (Insert object)” long before his ignant counterparts.    This dude has over 50 videos on YouTube….ummmm….what do you do for a living? He claims to been had everything from Polos to bread.  Yes actually loafs of bread not cash money.    But I don’t want to do Jose Hustle Mr Been Had any injustice so I’ll let him tell you himself.

Now of course this has spawned many other YouTube gangstas to proclaim their title as Mr. Been Had.   This one caught my attention because he was talking about noodles!  Now that is hilarious.  Something about the phrase “Uggin I been had noodles” that crack a brotha up.   But it was the response to this video that had me falling out of my chair.  Peep both videos below:

I think with the growth of technology so goes the growth of ignance.  The ability to film ones antics and broadcast them to the world immediately is really showing how ignant people really are on a daily basis.  As it keeps happening ATI will keep letting you know about it.

Darkne$$ aka Dr. Phil Alluponya


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