Draft Beer = Bowl Sprayage , When did this happen?

Posted: October 20, 2009 by REASON in Generic Banter
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This is a startling issue that myself and fellow goons have run into more and more since entering the real world. When we hit the bar and drink Draft beer (i.e. Beer from the bar tap for you non drinkers out there) we many times have to spray bowl (aka fecal blizzard). When did this become so common place?

At first I didn’t want to believe it and instead blamed it on diet, choice of beverage, aggressively mixing different kinds of booze, etc. and these still have a slight chance of being the reason behind bowl sprayage. But upon further review Draft Beer appears to be the culprit.

When I look back on my college years Bowl Spray While Drinking (BSWD) was at relative lows due in part to drinking mostly canned/bottled beer (kegs were forbidden on Campus and scrill passion negated buying out the bar). BSWD was then relegated to when I did go out and consume drafts but as stated previously this was at low levels.

Fast forward to now, in the real world, where you are less likely to crush 30s at home by yourself (well at least not normally). Instead you opt to go out and be social at bars. This is exactly what I and many of us have been doing and guess what, with that move  Bowl Spray has ticked up significantly.

Now to be clear I’m not saying that every time you go out and consume Draft beer that you will Spray Bowl, that would be a generic over-exaggeration. But I will say that it is worth looking into how often you SBWD bottled/can beer vs. Draft beer. I think you will see a material difference.

I’ll leave you with one last example. This past weekend had a nice day long booze sesh with my goons. Was consuming some Dog Fish Head 90 minute and Boood lights all day. We hit the bar to play some casual ruit make switch to Draft beer, bar clearing farts ensued. Coincidence?

Ya Boy,

  1. Hotdogs Anderson says:

    Bar clearing farts were no joke. People were appalled. Nasal cavities were damaged. Nose hair was singed.

  2. […] can be attributed to many things: spicy food from the night before, Indian food buffet at lunch, draft beer from the night before.  Actually any booze consumption from the night before; if you drank heavily the night before and […]

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