Ed Lover is calling out ig’nance again

Posted: October 22, 2009 by DARKNE$$ in You're Better Than That
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What up peeps…Sir Darkne$$ hit you with that post the other day about Ed Lover’s YouTube videos entitled C’mon Son.  Well he is back with some more hot fire for that ass.  Here he is with the sixth video in the series:

Hahahaha…that part about the bubble boy Falcon was hilarious…”C’mon son…how you gonna be pullin everybody’s heart strings and not be in that ballon…I was choked up over the lil uggin”.  Falcon…watch out lil uggin because Ed Lover is coming to kick your ass!

If you watched the first five videos in the series then you can see the progression of these videos.  He went from looking like he was fresh off waking up from a night of booshkin to now having celebrity guest, intro music, and a website!  Pretty soon he’ll be on Fox in Primetime with a hour long show called “C’mon Son it’s Late” with Ed Lover.   I really enjoy these videos (NHND)…it’s like ig’nant TMZ.    They say the best inventions come from being lazy or annoyed.  It looks like Ed Lover has struck gold with being annoyed by ig’nant ass people.  Damn I’m lazy and annoyed all the time and I haven’t come up with a scrill passion eliminating invention yet.  Anyway…C’mon Son is a hit.  Pretty soon you are going to see this going mainstream on SNL with Obama talking about “C’mon Son…you didn’t vote for my health care?  Get the F outta here with that ish!”

Darkne$$ aka Scary Bradshaw


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