One Word For OJ Da Juiceman…BOOOOOOOOO

Posted: October 26, 2009 by Hotdogs Anderson in Musical Knowledge, You're Better Than That
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Damn OJ, NYC clowned you this past week huh?  Three songs and then you get booed of the stage:

I know, I brought some fire the last time his name was brought up on ATI.

(Yeah, it was pretty similar to that)

But did OJ deserve to get clowned like that?  Was it because NYC wasn’t feeling the South?  Or was it that he still rocks cellphone clips?  Yes, two cellphones, two clips, and one light red (READ: dark pink) Blackberry case.  OJ, you are better than that.

Here’s the full story.

-Hotdogs Anderson aka HA Da Whootyman

  1. No, he just rapping about nothing. NYC people recognize real hip-hop and that ain’t it. I’m from the South and I ain’t really feeling it. Although I started liking a few of his buddy’s (Gucci) song, I do feel like there lyrics are a bit dense for my taste.

  2. […] 4 11 2009 So Icy Ent. might as well be called So Ig’nant Ent.  First, Gucci hits us with OJ Da Juiceman.  Next up is Waka Flocka […]

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