Duece Poppi deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for Ig’nance

Posted: October 29, 2009 by DARKNE$$ in Generic Banter
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If racial harmony doesn’t have a theme song then it does now!  Duece Poppi has graced us with the next Kumbaya, Ebony and Ivory, or Jungle Fever.   DP let’s us know that yea he’s hood, he enjoys all of the thing s that gangsta ass brothas enjoy (like Anaconda Malt Liquor), and has a black card worth of street cred.  But every now and then………………

Oh yea!  He kicks it with the lighter persuasion sometimes.   Now the playas at ATI have a United Nations type gang of friends.  We got every color from every background possible.  Hell we think that Cleotus if from some kind of parallel universe or something.  But everyone must admit that different races have their own tendencies.   There are certain differences that I won’t go into detail on but sometimes those difference are to your advantage.   Hell I think Dave Chappelle and Katt Williams put it best.

Haha…they spittin hot flava in ya ear! What have we learned here?  While ig’nant as all hell…Duece Poppi’s song is not anything new that we don’t know.  If you want a different kind of experience whether it’s partying, playing hoops, video games, going out to eat, pimpin, working out, plotting robberies, ordering pizza, ironing, watching Entourage, bantering, making up a cool handshake, jerking, watching Price is Right, or just listening to Weezy F Baby.  So sometimes you gotta kick it with your white friends.

Darkne$$ aka Illy Beaman


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