Damn Bruh

Posted: October 30, 2009 by Cleotus Jenkins aka the Slow Stroka in Area Codes, Generic Banter
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This ain’t right:

Best parts of the clip were Tracy McGrady laughing, the announcers trying to back track their comments and the mascot walking him off the court. You can even hear the crowd laughing. I actually feel sorry for this lad. This chick made him look like a straight up chump in a sold out arena. She could have said yes then dump him at a later date. I guess it’s decent of her not to say yes then snatch up the ring. From what I hear, women don’t return those. I wonder how he was able to arrange that. Either he has major scrill or he’s got pull in Houston. I see a few flaws in his logic:

1. He decided to propose at an NBA game. You have to protect yourself from embarrassment homey. Women today are ruthless. He looked more like a fool than she like a scallywag. You should only do that in front of family or in private. I wouldn’t do it in front of family either. I know my family would clown my ass.

2. He decided to propose.

3. He wanted to get married.

Hold up. Ain’t you supposed to go ring shopping with a friend of your woman? That friend is a scallywag. She should have done something to halt this nonsense. Pam would’ve stopped Martin if Gina REALLY didn’t want to marry him.

At first glance, ya girl looked like a 414. Slightly below average face and figure. But when she ran off the court, I can see she was working with something. She can get a 416 from Cleo.

I hope the fallen soldier got to take down one of those cheerleaders.



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