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Notre Dame did what everyone knew they were going to do today and fired Charlie Weis.  Yep, they DIIHD.  Well actually they might be on the hook for somewhere between $18M and $45M; so technically he DIITD.

Let’s take a look at some of Weis’ football accomplishments:

  • 2005: 9-3 with Tyrone Willingham’s recruits and lost in the Fiesta Bowl to Oh-Hi-Ho State
  • 2006: 10-3. Turned Jamarcus Russell into the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft after getting crushed by LSU in the Fiesta Bowl.
  • 2007: Went 3-7 and only beat UCLA, Duke and Stanford.  Lost to Navy for the first time since 1963.
  • 2008: 7-6.  Lost to Syracuse at home on Senior Day a week after Cuse announced they were firing their head coach.  The ND players were pelted by snowballs by their own fans at the end of the game.  He also had his knee blown up by one of his players while strolling down the sideline thinking about what he was going to have for dinner. 
  • 2009: Started the season ranked 23rd.  Finished 6-6.  Lost to Navy for the 2nd time during Weis’ tenure.  Lost 4 straight games to finish out the regular season.  Finished his ND coaching career with a .565 winning percentage, which was less than the .583 of his two predecessors, Tyrone and Bob Davie.

Now let’s take a look at his non-football accomplishments:

  • He’s the only man to ever beat gastric bypass surgery.
  • Players on his team say that he starts his morning with several fresh butter sandwiches.  Yeah, he takes a slice of bread, puts an egregious amount of butter on it, then puts another slice of bread on top of it.  No wonder he has the FUPA of a 230 lb 65 yr. old woman.
  • He’s a cocky, arrogant dick .  No need to elaborate.

It”ll be A-Ok for Charlie though, with 6 NFL teams already vying for his O-Coordinating services.  Maybe the Browns will bring him in and reunite him with Brady Quinn.

-Hotdogs Anderson aka Bob Ac-Costa-bish

P-Droppa Friday

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What up ATI world? Hope everyone had a terrible Thanksgiving…..Sike.

What better way to burn off those calories than to drop it off in a 313? Sorry ladies, you just have to take yo ass to the gym. bah

We got “My Love is the SHHHHHH” by Something for the People today. This was my jam in high school. This song is skraight buck nasty. T-Pain’s older brother talks about taking a trip “downtown” and all that goodness. Fellas, if you go downtown this weekend, make sure the streets are clean!

-Mr. Jenkins

Happy Thanksgiving

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ATI wishes everyone a Happy and Ig’nant Thanksgiving

Let me start out by saying this video is mildly NSFW (that means there’s no nudity…but you’re damn sure you do not want one of your coworkers taking a look over your shoulder to see you watching this).

Now that disclaimer is out of the way, ya boy Hotdogs would proudly like to present Rosa Acosta.  She brings that fire.  I don’t care that other blogs have already covered her.  She’s like Moss on a streak route, she better be double and triple covered.

En fuego!  Ol’ girl is definitely somewhere in the 718-819 range on the Area Code Scale.

  • Cute Face – Check
  • J-Game –  Double Check
  • Tail Game – TRIPLE CHECK!!!

They say a picture says a thousand words.  Well then what would this video say?  A million?  A trillion?  I’m gonna have say like when you turn on the Game Genie cheat code for lives, that there are INFINITE words for this video:

If you only have a few seconds for a quick peek at the video fast forward to 2:07 or 3:14 and be amazed.  On second thought there aren’t any words you can say about this video.  I was pretty much speechless the entire first time I watched it.  Rosa Acosta, you can get it.

-Hotdogs Anderson

So here is a classic clip of a Public Access TV host getting served repeatedly by his callers.   I’m amazed at the cool that this dude was able to keep.  Not once did he break his professional statue to stoop to the level of these houligans…HIS LOSS!

TASTE IT SIR!!!! Ha.  Wow that is pure hilarity.  I wonder if this was a group of dudes who thought this would be a great prank or if one dude started it and people just followed suit.  Either way this was pretty freakin awesome. 

You don’t hear about prank calls much anymore.  With the advances in technology…there is no room for dialing up a bar and asking for I.P. Freely ala Bart Simpson.  Nowadays you see people getting pranked by having someone send an email from their account if they leave their desk unattended to go drop heat or having their Facebook or Twitter status changed. 

But there is something to be said for the creativity and personality that goes into a good prank call.  Remember when Crank Yankers used to drop that fire.  That dude Spoonie Luv had me crackin up.  Shout out to Tracy Morgan!

Hahahahaha…I had to hit ya’ll with that double dose of Spoonie.  Classic line: “ONE BJ SHAME ON YOU, TWO BJ’S SHAME ON ME!”

Darkne$$ aka Black Daniels

Ladies, Gentlemen, Pimps, Chickens, Scallywags, Lookawhos, Gorgonites, Children, Preachers, Lovers, Fighters, Contortionist, whoever you are…LETS GO!  Now you know when you got stank breath…it usually happens when you wake up from a night’s sleep or nap, get done eating something nasty, or for you smokers out there…ALL THE TIME!  This is something that Darkness just can’t stand for.  When I’m just regular old Dark Kent and not everyone’s favorite Superhero Darkne$$, I have a day job.  In my job there are many conferences and meetings that I must attend.  Now I cool with networking and meeting people as much as the next person but….PLEASE CHECK YOUR BREATH GAME PRIOR TO SPEAKING TO SOMEONE!   You can’t walk up to someone with you breath smelling like old bus seats…you may get this reaction:

(Peep the 3:55 mark)

Daaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyummmmmm!  Talk about getting your spot blown the F up!  Now  not everyone one is ghetto as hell and will tell you to your face that your breath is stank.   Especially people who are meeting you for the first time.  Hot breath is a growing epidemic that must be stopped.  Ladies…the fastest way to go from a 616 to a 606 is to have some stank breath.  Now most guys will be polite and offer you a piece of gum as they take one.   SMOOTH.  But sometimes you may not have gum so you ask them for some in hopes that they take a piece for themselves.  Well your boy Darkne$$ tried that move the other day.   I usually have gum on me but I had just polished off a pack of the FIVE COBALT (learn about it) and had not had time to replenish.  Turns out said party with breath like a flagrant foul had some gum.  They then gave me a piece BUT DID NOT TAKE ONE FOR THEMSELVES!  WTF!  Passion strikes in all forms.  I mean it was like he was holding that gum for show or to make convo.  That’s like a drunk dude using a light pole to hold himself up instead of illumination (knowledge).  I felt like I was being hit in the face with a poppy diaper.

Needless to say I made the quickest exit possible and tried to prevent myself from vomiting.   Basically you need to step up your breath freshening game if you haven’t already.  That could be a major deal breaker in life and it’s so easy to prevent.  If you don’t know what breath remedy to choose…take a little lesson from my boys from THE WOOD:

Stay Fresh,

Darkne$$ aka Mr. Stanky Legg to My Dougie

P-Droppa Friday

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This week I got a scandalous song for yall. It’s “As We Lay” by Kelly Price.

Let this video serve as a lesson to all those who are creeping on their significant others. Homeboy almost dropped dead when he saw those tickets in his birfday card.

Damn Vivica Fox is fine.



OHHH I just had to add another bout it video from Kelly Price. Ron isley and R. Kelly had the sickest song fight ever.