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Your boy Banter came across some late night/early morning ignance circa 1:45am in the Taco Bell drive through and I just had to share it with the ATI faithful. 

……enough said.

Lets get it together my people, get it together.

Passion has eased up going into year-end. With that said I got a quick rule for the ATI squad:

Never take connecting flights when traveling for a short weekend.

As I pointed out in a previous post Flying is a passionate affair. Absurd lines,  inept workers, generic delays, and my favorite treacherous flights (nonstop turbulence/unusual sounds) all reinforce my view that flying is a manifestation of passion.

With that said throwing in connections is pretty much guaranteed to up your passion levels even more. Think about it you are battling work passion, you are trying to minimize it by going somewhere for the weekend. You can’t really take a day off  so you decide to leave Friday night, then fly back Sunday afternoon.  But in order to do so you have to connect in “X” city. At this point Passion is already panning to drop it in your draws (DIIYD).

So you parlay said trip. You arrive in “X” city late due to any host of reasons (plain doesn’t work, plane arrives late to your gate, etc.). Then boom you are generically stuck in “X” city for a generically long time. You get to your final destination late or worse the next day. Now you have only one day to enjoy yourself. Then on Sunday the same ish happens on the way back. You either get to work on time with zero sleep or you have to take an unwanted day off.

PASSION KNOWS NO BOUNDS! (write that down). If  you can avoid connections please do so or just make room in your schedule to absorb the chicanery/tom foolery that is present-day flying.

Ya Boy,
Reason aka Conviction

So Christmas kept me from dropping a Bun Bouncer post in your drawls.  But I got one for ya’ll this week.  Let’s start out in Chicago with Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beaming:

Wale kills this Jay-Z track:  Wale – Thank You Freestyle:

I’m not that big of a Maino fan but he kills this track.  Plus its all about getting his Tiger Woods on.  Maino – Get Em Tiger:

Sean Kingston reminds you to follow us on Sean Kingston ft. Sean Paul – Follow Me (Twitter Song):

This remix has pretty much everyone on G.O.O.D music spittin some hot ish.  Consequence ft. Kanye West, Common, KiD CuDi & Big Sean – Whatever U Want (G.O.O.D. Music Remix):

And finally since there was no Gucci last time we got some for this week.  Gucci Mane ft. Pharrell – Have It All:

“It’s Young Money like Ben Franklin baby picture!!!”  Well while Lil’ Wayne drops keeps delaying Rebirth, Young Money dropped their collaborative effort We Are Young Money.  Aside from the turrible album cover:

(Why is Wayne looking down on these cats like they are turrible rappers?  Oh yeah, because most of them are)

the album is pretty hot.  Good beats, Wayne and Drake kill it, and occasional good bars from Jae Millz.  But I can’t help but saying everyone else in Young Money is pretty much trash.  Gudda Gudda says nothing other than “Gudda Gudda.”  I can’t stand Nikki Minaj’s “wanna be female Wayne” flow.  Tyga needs to stick to putting the lime in the coconut.  About 93.5% of the normal population hasn’t even heard of the rest of them uggins.  To sum it all up just watch this video:

Birdman is undecipherable not only in his raps but in videos making fun of him.  Is that Patrick from SpongeBob on his head?  “I ain’t even on the song but I’m Lil’ Twist and I’m here.”  That ish had me rolling.  The Game’s cameo is absurd.  “I had a lotta ish up my a$$, you think some no name whack-a$$ rappers gonna matter to me?”  He says it best: the rest of YM are some no name whack-a$$ rappers.

-It’s Hotdogs Baby!!!

P-Droppa Friday

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Happy Kwanzaa peeps. Since it is the Lord’s birthday, I’m going to try to keep it clean today. I hope everyone out there is enjoying time with their family and friends during the day. Cuzzzzzz you know Christmas night is when you get butt naked and ring them bells. You gots to show thanks to that special someone. So I want yall to deck the halls to “Whatever You Want” by Tony! Toni! Tone! I’m going to stop right there before I get struck down by lightning.

Aiight I had to add a Christmas video for yall:

“This Christmas” by Chris Brown

I see you Lauren London.


We here at ATI want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  Here’s a little holiday ig’nance to bring you some Christmas Cheer:

And if you are a little late on your Christmas Shopping head to the store to scoop up these gifts:

-Ya boys at All Things Ig’nant

Aye Aye Aye OK!!!  What up ATI world?  I need y’all to check this out.  This is probably the most ig’nant “commercial” I have ever seen (beware the language is NSFW):

REALLY?!?!?!? I’m glad that this is not a real product because I know some of our ig’nant  brothers, “play cousins,” Uncle Ray Rays might actually need this product.  The side effects are pretty bad though:

  • Loss of rhythm
  • Corny behavior
  • And a desire to be white

I dunno if I could handle those side effects with out a steady plate of soul food and at least a 718 by my side.  You can pick that up at your local Walmart.