R. Kelly Is The King Of Ig’nance

Posted: December 1, 2009 by Hotdogs Anderson in Musical Knowledge, Where's My Powder?
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R. Kelly a.k.a. Zorro is about to drop his new CD titled: Untitled.  So I was perusing the track listing when I came across a song called Pregnant featuring Tyrese a.k.a. Conviction, Robin Thicke a.k.a Mr. White Folks, and The-Dream a.k.a Mr. Milan.  As soon as I saw that song title and the cast of characters that go with it, I jumped on Youtube to see if I could find it.  Ohh boy did I find it:

Let me hit you with the chorus:

“Girl you make me wanna get you pregnant,
Girl you make me wanna get you pregnant,
Lay your body down and get you pregnant,
Knock you up, pregnant, Knock you up”

THAT’S THE BEGINNING OF THE DAMN SONG!!!! REALLY ROBERT?!?!?!?  Oh wait, let me hit you with the first few lines:

“Now usually I leave the club with a girl who has a man,
And take her to the hotel for just a one night stand,
See I’m a playa so I ain’t tryna take her on no dates,
But much like my Patron man I’m just tryna take it straight,
Until I met this girl in the club with an unbelievable booty,
Sweetest girl in the world and I mean it and on top of that shes a cutie,
I ain’t seen nothing like her around here in a while,
And if I had a girl she’d be the one to bear my child”

This is how you profess you love for some heffah with a big ol’ booty you met in the club????  Damn.  Logic, please go get me some Gold Bond Extra Strength powder for this fool because I need it to sting even after I powder slap the ish out of him.

And the other three fools he convinced to get on the song need some of that Gold Bond too.

I can’t lie though, this will certainly be playing at some point during one of my P-Dropping seshes on a Friday night though.

-Mr. Anderson

  1. talkmyshitagain says:

    I think you are missing the fun.

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