Logic attends his first NFL Regular Season game today

Posted: December 10, 2009 by Logic in Sports
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Yes, I know, I’ve been absent. But there is a perfectly good reason for that. 1, I’m incredibly lazy. Seriously, anyone who knows me can tell you I don’t want to do anything, ever. Blogging included. 2, see 1.

That’s all I ever wanted to do. However, today is special. I will attend my first NFL game. Er, well “game”, because only one NFL team is involved. Tonight, the Steelers travel to beat down play the Browns in what is surely to be a freezing cold, unwatched, and ugly football game. This is supposedly a rivalry. Now I’m not from here (thank goodness), but a rivalry usually means that fans get really amped up for the game and occasionally both teams win. Well, go on Stubhub. Go on craigslist. Go on Monster Tickets, there are thousands of tickets available. Well, that’s 0-1 for this rivalry.  OK, chalk this one up to the cold and snow. Whatever. But the browns have only won once in the last 7 years. That’s right, they have AAAAAAAAAAAAA victory. One. Uno. 1.

That is no rivalry. Now a quick rehash of the last 3 games that I haven’t posted about: They played perhaps the most exciting game of the year, a 38-37 loss to the Lions. Surprisingly good. They lost because of a stupid pass interference in the end zone on a Hail Mary only surpassed in its idiocy by a timeout by Mangenious that allowed Stafford to come back in the game and throw a TD pass.  Good job, your best game of the year was a loss. Then they played Cincinnati, and Brady Quinn threw for 100 yards. No, you didn’t read that wrong. I said he THREW for 100 yards. Gross.

He probably just got done drinking his Myoplex, “Now I’m done”. Fans are abuzz right now because they showed life against the Chargers back ups and only lost 30-23 because of garbage time scores. Sorry, but that wasn’t life they showed at the end of the game. That was them playing against players who were probably fresh off the practice squad.

With all that said, I’m predicting a Browns win tonight. The Steelers are reeling and that defense ain’t ish without Polamalu.  I’ll let you know how it goes, my black arse is gonna be cold as kuff at this game tonight. Where’s my Brown U issued poncho?

Logic aka I promise, I’ll post again soon

  1. Phil says:


  2. NFL draft says:

    Do you want more interesting?
    In mid-October, the NFL’s scheduled holiday showcase game seemed the equivalent of swine flu — something you completely want to avoid.
    Then, the prospect of watching the San Diego Chargers visit the Tennessee Titans on Christmas Day seemed dismal. The teams’ combined record through Week 6 was 2-9.
    But as we assess the Week 16 ESPN.com NFL Draft Power Rankings, this matchup is a prime ticket. The No. 3-ranked Chargers are the league’s hottest team outside of Indiana, winners of nine straight games. After an 0-6 start, the No. 14-ranked Titans have won seven of eight and have a playoff pulse.
    Merry Christmas!And have a good time!

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