Turn Left B!+(#

Posted: December 15, 2009 by Logic in Where's My Powder?
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This was brought to my attention by one of my friends lucky enough to still be attending the U. These days people don’t need to buy an actual GPS anymore because you can either get it on your phone or the newer whips are coming equipped with a GPS already. So what do you do? Obviously tap into your inner ig’nance. TomTom did just that:

Could you possibly be more blatant about marketing towards black people? Maybe if the GPS came with hot links to the nearest Popeyes, but other than that I think this is the only way. I guess the random mechanical voice made to sound like a women wasn’t doing it for the brothers. Neither was the random australian voice made to sound sexy but is actually like a slap to the tip of your D. So, they decided to get an ex-rapper(note: I don’t believe in rappers retiring, cuz all thse uggins come back eventually, but this cat hasn’t dropped a song in hella long)and have him mix the directions with slang. Yea, that’ll really get the African Americans to buy our product. AHHHHNNNNNNTTTTTTT.

Aww hell who am I kidding, these things probably started flying off the shelves just so jiggas could have Snoop give them directions…in a creepy, automated type of way. And Snoop, LG. Did you need a dollar that bad? At least when you directed that porno or whatever you got to see some B’s get naked. What did you get for this? Free directions?

I could imagine that creepy automated snoop voice over a scene in this classy movie. “Slap her ass. Yea. Just like that” or “Shake that thang girl, so fly. Ohhhweeeeee.”

Note to everyone: If people stop buying things when they promote ig’nant ish like this, they’ll stop doing it. It’s the only way we’ll become a better country

Logic aka I keep that Pu$$y Microsoft like Windows Vista


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