Area Code Of The Week: Rachel Ray

Posted: December 22, 2009 by DARKNE$$ in Area Codes
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I know what your thinking…WTF…Rachel Ray ACOTW???  Well like Hotdogs stated before, we want to cover all creeds, shapes, and ages.  I also know that you’ve looked at Rachel Ray before and said…hmmmmm under the right circumstances I would DIIHD!  Well Darkne$$ thinks we should take another look at this Food Network Temptress. So we all know that she’s not the skinniest thang bc she working with a lil extra.  But for the boys at ATI that’s just extra jelly on the toast YA DIGGGGG!  She likes to get down in the kitchen so I ain’t mad at her…looks like she can get that mouth around anything (blatant sexual reference).

So let’s start with the face.  She got that I’m a innocent lady that like to cook meals in 30 mins.  Translation…I’m a closet freak that likes to get dinner out of the way so I can play whose hand is this with my boy toys.  She tries to get the side angle suck-in to look skinnier but she just comes off as being constipated. Ohhh you don’t think that Rachel Ray is a freak nasty sex goddess??? Turns out that lil miss innocent did a spread in Maxim magazine.  Check how one goes from lady in the street to a freak in the bed!

Great news!!! She loves the chocolate! FREAK!

Oh that’s how you always eat strawberries! FREAK!

After you finish those dishes you should wash yourself you dirty girl you! FREAK!

Look at those thick ass stems…does she have a squat rack by the refrigerator? Dayum!

Not much representation in the chestical area.  That’s alright though because she knows how to marinate the meat.

Told ya’ll…FREAK!  Which only adds to her appeal.  So what rating is Rachel Ray you ask??? RR resides in Des Moines, Iowa as a 515. She is built like a college soccer girl. HAHAHA. A couple members of the ATI staff can attest to this.  Her face is cute but weird…which wouldn’t deter you from getting in there. (She also has an annoying ass voice) Would her draws get dropped? Si papi…giving her the 1 in the binary system.  Finally, she is built to take a pounding…but has no significant T-n-A game going on.  She is just Bisquik thick. RR will put something in the oven then let you put something in her oven.

JUST KIDDING…THIS PICTURE IS ABOUT AS REAL AS BUBBLE BOY BEING KIDNAPPED.  THIS WOULD DEFINITELY GET HER UP TO A 518.  TOO BAD! It’s Christmas time so I thought I would bless you with that even if it is fake.  Since it’s that time of year may RR should see if Santa put a new ass piece under the tree!  Day-Day got what he wanted in Friday After Next:

Santa’s Christmas Wishes

I’m sure it’s not going to fit in that box RR. Merry Christmas!

Darkne$$ aka Bed Flanders


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