Beat That Addiction…With This Medicine

Posted: December 23, 2009 by Hotdogs Anderson in Generic Banter
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Aye Aye Aye OK!!!  What up ATI world?  I need y’all to check this out.  This is probably the most ig’nant “commercial” I have ever seen (beware the language is NSFW):

REALLY?!?!?!? I’m glad that this is not a real product because I know some of our ig’nant  brothers, “play cousins,” Uncle Ray Rays might actually need this product.  The side effects are pretty bad though:

  • Loss of rhythm
  • Corny behavior
  • And a desire to be white

I dunno if I could handle those side effects with out a steady plate of soul food and at least a 718 by my side.  You can pick that up at your local Walmart.



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