REASONable things to live by….

Posted: December 30, 2009 by REASON in Real World Knowledge, REASONable Things To Live By
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Passion has eased up going into year-end. With that said I got a quick rule for the ATI squad:

Never take connecting flights when traveling for a short weekend.

As I pointed out in a previous post Flying is a passionate affair. Absurd lines,  inept workers, generic delays, and my favorite treacherous flights (nonstop turbulence/unusual sounds) all reinforce my view that flying is a manifestation of passion.

With that said throwing in connections is pretty much guaranteed to up your passion levels even more. Think about it you are battling work passion, you are trying to minimize it by going somewhere for the weekend. You can’t really take a day off  so you decide to leave Friday night, then fly back Sunday afternoon.  But in order to do so you have to connect in “X” city. At this point Passion is already panning to drop it in your draws (DIIYD).

So you parlay said trip. You arrive in “X” city late due to any host of reasons (plain doesn’t work, plane arrives late to your gate, etc.). Then boom you are generically stuck in “X” city for a generically long time. You get to your final destination late or worse the next day. Now you have only one day to enjoy yourself. Then on Sunday the same ish happens on the way back. You either get to work on time with zero sleep or you have to take an unwanted day off.

PASSION KNOWS NO BOUNDS! (write that down). If  you can avoid connections please do so or just make room in your schedule to absorb the chicanery/tom foolery that is present-day flying.

Ya Boy,
Reason aka Conviction


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