Get It Together Negro

Posted: January 27, 2010 by Cleotus Jenkins aka the Slow Stroka in Generic Banter, Sports
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Terrence Cody, of the University of Alabama fame, has clearly lost his mind. This guy has been causing havoc throughout the SEC this entire year. He’s a sure-fire first rounder in the upcoming NFL draft. Now I’m appalled after seeing this picture from the Senior Bowl today:

I mean is he serious with those breasts? I’ve heard about man boobs but those are straight up breasts. I know yall see the side breasts forming too. What about those two big ass hubcaps he’s using for nipples? Look like two aardvarks hanging from his shoulders. His facial expression says it all. He even knows his physique is trifling (ND). If you remove his neck and head, you would think that was a nude woman.

This is like a job interview for future NFLers. Your first chance to make a good impression and this is what he drops? NEGRO please get it together. He could’ve learned from former teammate Andre Smith last year. Andre was the butt of all jokes when he ran his 40 and looked like this:

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Look at all that jelly and jam. His breasts and stomach look like a Star Wars character. What are they serving in the dining hall in Alabama?

It doesn’t really matter because young Terrence is about to cop millions in a few months while I’ll be battling Printer Jam passion at the office.



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