Random Acts of Logicalness: 2/4/10

Posted: February 4, 2010 by Logic in Random Acts of Logicalness
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You know, one of our young goons recently asked about what its like to work. I, being the cynic that I am, likened it having a gerbal scratch your nipples nonstop while someone pours hot sauce on the cuts. Not pleasant in anyway. Cleotus put it best though, “It’s called work, not fun”. Chuch. It’s all relative. Even if you like what you do, it sucks because you HAVE to do it. Having to do things is not fun. I love football, but I HAD to go to football practice, hence i resented practice. Now, onto RAL

  • If you haven’t heard, the Super Bowl is Sunday. I have no idea, but I’ve got to imagine this is the most watched thing every year by A LOT. Presidential Speeches don’t get this much publicity
  • Also something that isn’t being covered very heavily (note the sarcasm), Dwight Freeney may not play. Right, and tomorrow I’m going to wake up sans passion.
  • Is there anything worse than Super Bowl week? The amount of publicity is sickening, the only thing worse is the amount of current and ex players down there doing interviews just so they can advertise ish. It’s inevitable, at the end of every interview the guy will give a pitch about some dumb product. Emmit Smith actually forgot what he was advertising yesterday and the host had to take over. Good job Emmit. And Barry Sanders was better.
  • I love Chipotle, I was once a hater but have now come to the dark side. The best/worst thing that has happened to me is I work right around the corner from one. Needless to say they know me by name.
  • During my many trips, I’ve had the opportunity to add another person to the long list of people I hate. I hate Burrito Bowl person. Honestly, whoever created the Burrito Bowl needs to be castrated. It’s like the person who orders a diet coke with their big mac meal and things they’re being healthy, BUT YOU’RE ACTUALLY NOT.  I mean ish, its not even a burrito. It’s a rice, bean, and chicken salad.
  • I also hate impatient driver guy. I hope you get in an accident Mr. “I see you can’t go any faster, but I’m going to angrily switch lanes then cut you off so all I really accomplished was getting one car length ahead and almost causing an accident”
  • I’ve waited alllll week for today. Now, it’s finally here. However, apparently we’re on the LOST island and someone turned the wheel, now every time we get close to the end of the day we flash back to the morning.  This has to be at least the 4th time it’s been 2:02 for me
  • Speaking of LOST, season 6 premiered Tuesday. It was two hours of awesomeness. But Ol’ Logic here isn’t going to crown the show/writers just yet (“If you wanna crown ’em, then crown their arse”). They better not ruin the show with this two timeline crap. If you don’t watch Lost, I suggest you jump out of a window or step in front of a train, your choice.

Off I go to battle Passion for the next 3 hours then off to Pancake City aka Boston for the weekend. Again, Happy Black History Month.

Logic aka You’re girls favorite blogger


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