F The Snow

Posted: February 10, 2010 by Hotdogs Anderson in Generic Banter, Real World Knowledge
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In the words of Paul Rudd from Sarah Marshall:

It’s supposedly going to be a blizzard today.  I still had to come to work.  85% of my company is not here because they are upper management and call the shots.  I hope that this happens to all of them:

Oh and by the way, F black ice.  People always are talking about how that ish is the worst kind of ice.  That ish is just regular ass ice on some dark colored pavement (like asphalt).  Ice is clear.  Call that ish Transparent Ice, because YOU CAN’T SEE IT.

Why is the worst of something always Black _____???  Worst day in the history of the stock market: Black Tuesday.  Deadliest pandemic in human history: Black Death.  Deadliest spider: Black Widow.  The darkest form of magic/sorcery: Black magic.  When you are Omni Tazed you: blackout.  That ish is just racist.

Everything white is always good.  White Christmas, white Air Forces, the White House, white tigers, etc.  Like Chris Rock says, “If it’s all white, it’s all right!”

Whoever came up with this ish needs a powder spinning back fist.

-Hotdogs Anderson


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