RAL 3/11/10

Posted: March 11, 2010 by Logic in Random Acts of Logicalness
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Wow, this post is quickly turning from what I intended to be 3 times a week to once a week. What can I say, Passion. Here’s todays RAL:

  • I love the NFL draft. Why do millions of people besides me love it so much that its going to be on Primetime this year? I have no idea. Maybe because it represents hope for all teams, maybe its because we get to guffaw at horrible picks by the Raiders or get to watch the Lions pick another receiver. You know what I hate about the NFL draft though? One word: Intangibles. Intangibles becomes the MOST overused word of any sport during any period. My real problem doesn’t come with how often its used though, it’s that it is used so incorrectly. When something is intangible, it can’t be measured. So please do me a favor and A stop saying things that can be measured are intangible and B stop saying players have “off the chart intangibles”. If you can’t measure something, you don’t know if he has a lot or a little of it. Hence why it is INTANGIBLE
  • Tim Tebow sold his autograph for like $160 a piece and like an additional $75 bucks for a picture. I don’t care how much you like a player, anyone who pays money for someones signature is an idiot. You going to invite your friends over and be like yo dude, look at my Tim Tebow autograph. To which you friend repsonds, that looks like a baby took a pen and tried to spell xylophone.
  • I went to the Cavs game on Monday, and Lebron didn’t play. The only home game he will miss all year. Passion
  • I’ve been in a rental car for over a week and haven’t had my wire to hook up my iPod. So I’ve been forced to listen to the radio. 1 the radio sucks. They’re still bumping Tik Tok and Gotta Feeling, I was doing my Stanky Leg to those in September. Even worse than that is the repetitiveness of the radio. I kid you not. I get in the car, and Drake is on a song, then there was a Young Money song, then Wayne was on a song, then Drake was on another song. I mean common sense alone would tell you to spread those songs out, you don’t even need Logic for that
  • Derek Anderson got cut by the Browns, no surprise. On his way out he took a shot at Cleveland fans. Whatever, I’m fine with that. It happens. He hated it here and got boo’d when he was injured. My beef is the next day he made an apology. Dude you were NOT sorry in anyway and meant every word you said. AND if you need to apologize about something, you probably shouldn’t have said it in the first place. Note to all pro athletes: Think before you talk. Like work up a first draft of every sentence you’re thinking about uttering out of your idiotic mouths, then proof read that sentence before you say anything, and if you still think its a good idea THEN let it out.
  • Note to all men and women: Just because someone takes pictures of you and you post them on facebook that DOES NOT make you a model. You have to be paid to take pictures, not pay for someone to take your picture, before you’re actually a model.
  • I have a plan for speakerphone in the office: It should be disabled on all phones and can only be activated with special permission from  your boss. Too often do people abuse the speakerphone feature.  Speakerphone is a privilege, not a right
  • I posted about gym guy a while back and I’m starting to realize that I’m probably a type of gym guy that people hate too. I get my headphones on and hold a mini concert for all those around while I’m getting my swoll on. I silently mouth words, bob my head, hit the slight Stanky Leg, and stuff like that. It’s probably pretty annoying to those around me. While I may be a type of gym guy, I will say what I do doesn’t actually affect anyone else.
  • Speaking of dancing, I can’t believe I used to Superman that hoe, Chicken Noodle Soup, AND Shake That Laffy Taffy. Wow. Tuuuurrrbbbllleee dances. In 3 years I’m gonna say damn, I can’t believe I used to do the Stanky Leg.
  • DARKNE$$ selected a great person for ACOTW. I have to say though, i would have gone 715 though with a sexiness factor of 10.
  • Wayne FINALLY went to jail. Sheesh. Speaking of Wayne, a while back we were discussing the nonsense that are Wayne’s and Baby’s (worst rapper alive) tattoos. After discussing Baby’s head tats, DARKNE$$ stated “these are the same dudes who thought Rebirth was a good idea”. Touche DARKNE$$, great point

There’s your Logic for the day. Enjoy, cuz you know my ass is too lazy to post again before next week.



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