I Believe This Is A Downgrade Folks/ACOTW

Posted: April 14, 2010 by Cleotus Jenkins aka the Slow Stroka in Area Codes
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Just read that Reggie Bush got him a new ol lady these days. Apparently he was in Vegas to watch his new chick Jessie James perform:

Yeah she’s a country singer of sorts. Not sure what happened between Reggie and my girl Kimmy K but I consider this a step back. Guy just won the Super Bowl. He should be doing work all over. He with this new chick when he could be boinking this brick house:

Ooops. I just soiled my pants. Damn Kim. I love you. I would never break up with you. You could slap me around.

SIKE. I wish she would try to slap me.

So I’m going to try to see things from Reginald’s perspective> Yep it’s time for Area Code of the Week.

1. Face

I ain’t gonna lie, she skraight in the face region. That’s a 7.

2. Binary scale

No pic needed. Yall know the answer. That’s a fat ass yes. My standards are lower than the bottom of a bottomless pit. Hell, I’ll take this:

3. ASSets

HMMM something tells me she’s a tight package but gots zero ass:

Aiight she got nice breassisses. I’ll give her a 6.

She still doesn’t drop it off like Kim, but I like how Reggie is testing out all the areas of entertainment.  What do ya’ll think?

-ya boy stroka


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