Please Don’t Tape Your Workouts…Thank You

Posted: April 16, 2010 by Hotdogs Anderson in Generic Banter, You're Better Than That
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Some people like to tape their workouts/exercises to monitor their progress over time.   They think they are about to tape this:

But are really taping this:

Taste it

Let’s Go sir.  Your shorts are 7 inches too short.  Why are you rocking the long crew socks?  If you think this is the only mishap, check these out:

Aight, the 3rd one wasn’t really a workout mishap.  But when is it a good idea to dance next to a running treadmill, let alone try to hop on it mid dance?  And why is the dude with the nunchucks trying to get his Leroy Green on?  And how decadent was the exercise the 2nd dude was doing?  Too many questions, too much stupidity.



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