Nigerians fighting passion take us into the weekend

Posted: May 14, 2010 by DARKNE$$ in Generic Banter, Great Moments In Passion History
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Passion getting at you and you don’t know what to do?  Can’t quit your job because you have to pay bills?  Can’t find a antiperspirant that stands up to your pit game? Can’t figure out why the subway is always late when you got to be somewhere?

Passion is all around us and some people are more prepared than others.  ATI likes to arm our followers with the weapons needed to battle the dreaded PASSION.

Darkne$$ is about to hip you to that new new.  Nigerians know types of passion that we could never imagine.  Unclean water passion, malaria passion, tribal conflict passion, desert like conditions passion, jungle animal passion, and so on. But they have invented a way to battle passion through dance that has proven very effective and HILARIOUS!

Next time your drawls are being dropped at work just bust this out and passion will be forced to leave you alone! The sad thing we know is that passion always wins.  It’s getting out of work early only to have it be raining and you don’t have an umbrella, or getting paid only to realize that half of it is going to bills, or something simple as grabbing a late night sandwich and dropping half of it on your way home.   Simply put its the balance of passion.  It’s like gambling the odds are in favor of the house and the house always wins.

Just when you think you are in the clear passion finds a way to tap you in the nuts.


Darkne$$ aka Peter Darker aka SpiderMane

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