P-Droppa Friday

Posted: May 14, 2010 by Cleotus Jenkins aka the Slow Stroka in Musical Knowledge, P-Droppa Friday
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Long hair don’t care. Holla back b&tch. I’m in the bathroom, taking me a rich n@@@a sh%t.

What’s up? What’s shaking? pork chops or bacon? It’s that time again. The weekend is here finally. One word of advice – Don’t eat fried chicken tenders and collard greens at 3am. You stomach WILL be fighting back for the next three days. Get that Ex-Lax in ya life.

This week I’m bring “Casanova” by Levert. This more of an upbeat joint to allow you to tap dance and two step on the ass. I had to pick this joint for a few reasons:

1. Showtime at the Apollo was a magnificent show. Just look at the crowd. So much hype. I’m surprised no woman threw her drawls on stage. American Idol only wishes it could put on a show like this

2. Look at them jheri curls

3. The tracksuits

3. THE DANCING. Levert broke out the old school moves in this one.



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