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Magic Johnson has a son:

It’s prom season and his son, EJ, was looking for a date.  Who does he ask?  Robert Townsend’s daughter, Skye (LG Robert, Skye is a skripper name):

So since it’s prom, you obviously have to take pictures:

WHAT????? That is not a prom pose!!!  What is that face EJ???  What is that outfit???  You’re blazer looks like it’s made out of curtains.  You need an extra 3 inches of fabric in them slacks.  You’re dad may have been an NBA MVP, but, EJ, you are  an MVP in decadence.  Oh and she ain’t even your date.  Y’all are just “best friends.”  We know what that means.  It means she took her boyfriend:

Magic, get your son on the court and out of the garden.  Oh by the way, in a couple years Skye could get it.

-Hotdogs Anderson