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P-Droppa Friday

Posted: June 11, 2010 by Cleotus Jenkins aka the Slow Stroka in Musical Knowledge, P-Droppa Friday
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You know you paid, when you got Stroka with ya. It’s Young Money like Ben Frank’s baby picture.

Wuz happening? I’m ready to get omni-tazed in about an hour. My drink line-up is as follows:

1. Crown on the rocks (I’m black)

2. Harpoon IPA (high alcohol content)


Al B. Sure is taking us into the weekend with “Night and Day”. This is a hot joint but once again Al was one of the reasons why light skinned brothers were in style for so long. The canadian tuxedo, dancing and over the top dramatics in this video are ridiculous. How many times is he going to throw his hands up? He ain’t at church. Things get uber decadent at the 2:38 mark.


Airports are the worst.  First you gotta wait in line behind a bunch of cats who can’t speak English to get a ticket.  Then u gotta wait in line for a bunch of people who don’t know you can’t walk through a metal detector with watches, big a$$ fake chains and watches and wearing shoes (you never been on a flight???).

Then you got a bunch of parents who hate their cryin’ kids walkin’ around off their leashes.  By the way, I hate your kids, too.  When they do stupid ish, don’t look at me and expect a smile/giggle/smirk.  Your kid ain’t cute.  It looks the same as that other man’s kid.  Control them lil’ uggins.

Then I get delayed.  You think I wanna sit here and watch this fat chick knit?  This ugly arse couple make out?

This dude who complains about missing his flight?  Uggin, they’re not turning the flight around because you had to eat one more bowl of oatmeal.  Stop yelling, you’re ish outta luck.  Let me get on my delayed arse flight and to my destination, and don’t pat me down cuz I’m “suspect”.  I know you are racist.  Just let me get to my seat.  And tell your ugly arse kids to stop crying, I’m tryin to watch Sportscenter on JetBlue.  Don’t sit next to me thinkin’ I’ma talk to you either.  I don’t know you and have no interest in hearing about your day.  Make sure my rental car is ready and STFU.  It’s Crack bish.  Eff a airport.

King Grime out