REASONable things to live by ….

Posted: June 29, 2010 by REASON in Generic Banter, Real World Knowledge, REASONable Things To Live By
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It’s ya boy Reason/Conviction. Sorry for the aggressive gap in time since my last post but passion (in its many forms) has  been droppin it in my draws in barbaric fashion.

Luckily the ATI goon squad has kept things going in impressive fashion, needless to say WE ALL WE GOT (WAWG). Even Logic has gotten back into the mix which in part has helped inspire my lazy arse. With that said just want to quickly share a Reasonable Thing to Live by:

Goons and Goonnettes alike, you should always try to lock in some event in the future (near or far) to help combat passion. Having things to generically look forward to is key to survival in the real world.

On the surface this would seem like common sense but in reality its harder than you would think. Work is endless and drains you of the desire to do much if anything in your spare time. If you work an 11 hour day, have 1-2 hours of travel time, and sleep 6-8 hours you are left with 3 -6 free hours of free time. You can maybe workout, shower, eat and get a vids sesh in that time.

If this is your daily grind you need to carve out time to hang with your goons. Recently me and my local goons have taken to getting casuals mid-week. Why? It breaks up the week and allows us to banter, booze and combat passion.

Have I been horrendously hung over on a Thursday? Yes, but this sesh is great each and every time. Doing such events, getting bigger things on the calendar (my goons can attest to a trip being booked 9 months in advance) and just generically hanging out will make you better.

So with Wednesday upon us (worst day of the week is nearly over) I hope all our readers can break away from hell desk, cube, office (if you ballin), etc. and grab some casuals get it in with your squad or even solo dolo (creep it up if need be).

Just refrain from getting overly tazed ….

Will be back to discuss people who get omnitazed and act sleep in random places in a later post.

Ya Boy,
Reason aka Roman Pierce


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