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P-Droppa Friday

Posted: July 30, 2010 by Cleotus Jenkins aka the Slow Stroka in Generic Banter, Musical Knowledge, P-Droppa Friday
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AHHHHHHH I just got back from gym-ing, tanning and picking up laundry. Yep ya boy has embraced some of the advice from the goons from the Jersey Shore……..SIKE. Do not get it twisted. The best things about that show are the overall goonery and Sammi Sweetheart:

I couldn’t find a pic showing them legs Sammi is packing.

Moving along, the summer is rapidly coming to an end and peeps have very little time to cop some sweaty beat streeting. So I suggest that all the slackers step their game up. Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down” will certainly aid the process. This jam reminds me how fire Brandy was back in the day. She and Monica were killing the radio. I can’t say she was tight but she was talented. Now she’s on a terrible reality show with her punk ass brother.


It’s Friday ya’ll! Don’t be afraid to be overly excited, we’re easin’ our way right on through this day and into the coveted weekend. Take care of your business in the morning, take a nice long lunch(maybe treat yourself to a casual or two), and then open up that excel spreadsheet in the afternoon and sit there like you are working until 5 o’clock. Once you walk out those office doors, feel free to hit a little shimmy like Tyrone after finding half a crack rock in his drawls.

Grits is ready to get it in this weekend. I’m gettin my FIFA on and delivering a bender to the dome of our worthy adversary. Naturally, Passion has been shrunken to the size of a small child with the heavy artillery I have been throwing at it, I mean I’ve been perpetually peppering passion with piercing pellets of pure power(OHHH step your illiteration game up). This picture should describe where I stand with Passion for the weekend. Gotcha B**ch!!

Come Monday the roles will be reversed, but you gotta savour the flavor of every won battle. PEACE


Grits N Gravy and myself talk on GChat on the reg (on a regular basis for you banter deprived readers out there) to reduce work related Passion.

I just had to hit y’all with a little sampling of the nonsense we talk about to lessen that which should  not be named:

Grits: but could u do me a favor when we are in Montreal?

Hotdogs: What up?

Grits: not sure how to ask this…but could you teach me how to dougie?

Hotdogs: Hahahhahahahahhahaha…GUFFAW

Grits: haha.  i’ll gonna be hittin the dougie so hard north of the border.  i feel like we will get some many Canadians doin egregious American hip hop dances

Hotdogs:  Yep so true.  We can come up with our own and they’ll be doing em in now time

Grits: yes, we will make them up and tell errbody it is that new new in the US

Come August, ya’ll Canadians don’t know what you have coming at you.  You’ll start out looking like this:

And up looking like this:

-Hotdogs Anderson

(P.S. There are few people I’d like to punch in the face more than Justin Bieber.  Funniest thing about that worthless kid is that a group of people have a website dedicated to him:


Weezy is rolling over in his cell.

Weezy any words on this asinine display?


What’s REALLY good with everybody? I was on my usual Monday morning quest for entertaining videos on those internets when I came across this gold mine…Enjoy, but not too much.

LET’S GOOOOO Spelling Bee word pickers…you CAN’T be serious!

It is clear that this kid is having a mental battle of some kind during his turn. His generic questions like “Can you use it in a sentence?” and “What’s the language or origin?” are clearly meant to buy time to sort out his conflicted little mind. You HOPE that his inner turmoil is not simply how to spell the word, but rather does he want to participate in this particular spelling bee’s mockery of neegs everywhere? It’s hilariously coincidental that the origin and definition have direct ties to Ethiopia…cradle of CUFFIN civilization! Poor Andrew is in a hell of a spot…I know the little guy is from North Carolina but damn it’s 2010! THEN he’s got the judge chirpin like..Andrew..could you say the word nice and loud for the judges…just so EVERYone knows the absurdity of the word choice?? He knows what he did right after he spelled the word, hence his reaction 1:35 where it looks like Black Dynamite just appeared in front of him ready to teach him a lesson.

The black folks sitting behind little Andrew’s parents are completely stunned at 1:47…lookin around like “Does anybody else find this unbelievably effed up??” Sh*****t, it’s the world we live in I guess. Lil Jon’s ognant arse went ahead and took advantage.

-Grits and Gravy

P-Droppa Friday

Posted: July 23, 2010 by Cleotus Jenkins aka the Slow Stroka in Musical Knowledge, P-Droppa Friday
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Jigga we are, so ready for the war. C-A-R-T-E-R. Put the in ER. I’m colder that b-r. Add another 3 r’s.

Another week is in the books and you know what time it is. That’s right it’s time to for the floor to invite them drawls down for a party. So I was in the record store the other day looking for that Aquemini (CLASSIC) and I ran across a greatest hits album from the group Mint Condition. I thought to myself, “How the f do these negroes have a greatest hits album?” Boy was I wrong. They had some hot heat back in the day. They are setting the mood with “Breaking My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes). The only beef I have with them is that they got like 12.5 dudes in the group. That goes against all the rules when putting together a 90’s R&B group. You need 3 or four neegs. One lead singer and a bunch of cats that know their role and are just happy to be along for the ride (pause).


Summer vacations and trips…sooooooo necessary.  Passion beats the hell out of you during the year.

The only way you can try to get away from Passion is by actually getting away.  You can never really get away though, Passion knows no bounds.  It will follow you to the airport, delay your flight, sit you next to a fat person or some kids, or even cancel your flight.  If you’re taking a road trip, Passion will follow you in its own car

The Passionmobile

Passion will then make your passengers need to stop and piss, cause traffic, road closures, and detours, and last but not least cause your car to brake down.  Damn you Passion.  Since it’s a never ending battle against Passion, I’m gonna hook you up with two summer throwbacks to help the fight by adding them to your travel playlist.

T.W.D.Y. ft. Too $hort – Player’s Holiday

Trick Daddy – Take It To Da House

Damn, I forgot how ig’nant Trick Daddy was.  Slip-n-Slide basketball team???  Let’s Go…  And who names their record label Slip-n-Slide?  That is a toy.  This just in:  ATI has hired Trick Daddy to run its new start up label Skip It Records.

-Hotdogs Anderson