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Mike Tyson, Wayne Brady, and Bobby Brown get together on this video from funnyordie and remind us all to take a few minutes and have a good hearty guffaw. After all, it’s almost the weekend. “Every Little Step I Take” is also a hot jam, and the dancing is classic…except when Tyson does it, then it’s just nonsense. Good to see the dude having some fun with his life though. Enjoy.



Hmmmmm, that ain't Tiger's Ex-wife...

Let’s wager some guesses:

So Tigerhoe #11 (or #12, or #13, 0r #24; who knows) / porn star Devon James is attempting to sell a sex tape featuring Eldrick, herself, and a “3rd party.”

Apparently she’s shopping it to Vivid today.  What is her asking price???



In the words of Cleo, “Tiger paid off the wrong hoes.  Let’s goooo Woods.  Pay off the chick that got you on tape doing dirty ish!”  This chick had the nerve to say

If Vivid won’t pay enough, we’re going to self-release the tape… It’s going to be the bomb.

The BOMB?  Bish this ain’t 1995.  No one is rocking Saucony’s and Girbaud jeans.  She also said this of the tape:

The tape is 62 minutes long and 37 minutes of it is us having sex.

What the hell are ya’ll doing the other 25 minutes???  Is Tiger teaching you how to putt?  Is it a conversation between the two of you about his red shirts on Sundays?  Or is it something really dirty like some R. Kelly ish?

Either way Tiger, you best throw this chick an a$$load of money so this tape doesn’t see the light of day.  Because if it does, say goodbye to EVERY sponsor you have.

-Hotdogs Anderson

I need to find a techno girl. They are always coming in really nice with their tantalizing vocals and provocative lyrics. I mean these angelic sweethearts are trying to get you into their hearts, minds, and souls with every verse. Now some of these girls aren’t the BEST looking out there, but I mean damn…they are going to inspire an erection some type of physical and visceral response. These Europeans club tempresses will transcend you to a higher and better place. The club in general is just one of those magical atmospheres where it is fully acceptable to act fictionally…One of the main reasons most of us at ATI are fans of them. Now there are various types of club music…you’ve got your techno, trance, electro, house, hip hop and whatnot…but I feel like there is something for everyone to get down to amidst the strobe lights, illegal drug usage, half necked women, and magnum bottles. I’ve got some club music bangers to help get you through the always passionate Tuesday.

I’ll kick it off with a classic joint from DJ Tiesto, Imagination.

I don’t know who the chick on this track is, but wow. Where does she want me to run away to? The dance floor? VIP? A magical sex paradise in her dreams? A back alley somewhere? Wherever…I’ll be there real quick. This is one of those jams you could throw on before you fall asleep and get drifted away into some inception style dreams…only with a hotter, european version of Ellen Page.

This next one is solid evidence that electro beats make any female vocalist sexier. My humble opinion is that this song should have been released as the techno version and the video should be a looped version of this image.

haha, boobs…

Next 2 jams are a couple that I have been bumpin today courtesy of FreshonCampus. This first one features, you guessed it, another european electro queen by the name of Ellie Goulding. Now Ellie is not much too look at, unless you like chicks with albino hair who are allergic to sunlight…but her voice is pretty serious. This dude Tinie Tempah goes kinda hard as well. His slightly decadent british flow brought about a slight guffaw, but the beat will definitely get your butt cheeks poppin’ in the hell cube.

Last one I got for everyone is courtesy of Akon. This dude is still bringin’ the heat. “Locked Up” was a serious jam back in the day (Shout out to the 2005 Ivy League Champs)…and now Akon is bringin’ in serious money putting his nasal heavy vocals on club tracks with, yes, more club girl singers. This girl calls herself Matisse. Her real name is Brittney Smith, and she hails from Connecticut. Interested to see if she is heading up a new bread of American techno girls. The song is called “Better than her.” If you are a man who is sitched up, you always are intrigued by this statement… but then Passion calls you back to your old lady.

Fightin’ the good fight,

Once again there are more ig’nant dubs of innocent cartoons online.  I happen to come across this one and it had me rollin’ on the floor laughing so I had to share it.


It’s the Monday after a great weekend at the alma mater, so you know what that means: PASSION!!! I had a few free minutes in the day so I decided to hit a quick post to show y’all a ridiculous video from a football game in Ohio this past weekend:

That dude just hurdled a standing defender.  Oh by the way, the touchdown was called back because in Ohio HS football “hurdling a player who has a one or two feet on the ground is a penalty.”  That is the definition of Sports TreacheryPassion always wins.

-Hotdogs Anderson

P-Droppa Friday

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We finally getting back to how we used to do things around our hood. Let me continue the rally with the latest ugly bumpin jam.

Someone in the ATI fam has a real problem with Bobby Valentino. Not sure where the hate comes from. Bobby brought the soul on “mrs. officer”. Nobody said he was the second coming of Ray J. In honor of the aforementioned hater, I giving yall “Anonymous”.

In the words of Logic, “I was finna” drop a new music post today… until I saw this:


That was just pure trash.  Let’s get a quick review:

  • Big a$$ heffa? – Check
  • Horrible rap name? – Check
  • Egregious stunna shades? – Check
  • Unnecessary grill? – Check
  • Ridiculous chest tatt? – Check
  • Too many Ed Hardy summer dresses? – Check
  • Random Black cosigner? – Check
  • Weird hair do involving ROYGBIV colored streaks? – Check
  • Ol’ girl’s kids making a cameo in the song? – Check
  • L.A. Gear light-up heels? – Check
  • TURRIBLE, TURRIBLE, TURRIBLE lyrics? – Double Check

This is just straight up whack.  There’s nothing else you can say about it.  Hi Dolla Honey needs to go back to her day job as that ghetto a$$ secretary at Mo Money Taxes:

-Hotdogs Anderson

P.S. Make sure you play close attention to when she has her grill out.  HER TEETH ARE SO BUSTED!!!  She needs to keep that grill in at all times.