MTK: Marry, Tap, Kill

Posted: September 10, 2010 by Cleotus Jenkins aka the Slow Stroka in Area Codes, MTK: Marry, Tap, or Kill
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YESSSSSSIR I’m delirious right now. I’m in a state of limbo. It’s a mixture of drunk and tired. Terrrrrible. I’m attempting a one man resuscitation of ATI.

I’m going to be Mariano Rivera and come in for relief for Darkne$$.

I’m attempting to decide who to marry, tap, kill the following chicks: the school cafeteria lady, the school guidance counselor and the school secretary.



I would marry the hell out of a guidance counselor.

Let’s be honest, they don’t guide shit. You already know what colleges you want to apply to and they never dissuade you from applying to that “reach school”. let’s goooooooo. People, your parents should be your guide. Parents, stop pushing off your duties to a middle aged plump woman with two master degrees in education. How come all the counselors really do look like the above picture? Slightly plump with 32 D’s and wearing a turtle neck. They always happy too. So I know she ain’t bringing any of her work shit home at night. I can get peaceful sleep with her chirping in my ear about some kid.


I would tap the ass of that lunch lady.

Look at them mixed peas and carrots. HA! How come every lunch lady is black? You could be in Greenwich, Connecticut and still see a negro lady serving up some slop at a boarding school. I wouldn’t mind beating them cakes while she’s wearing an apron and hair net. Also, I can’t forget the gravy fragrance. hmmmmm Oh yeah, I want her to have a ladle in one hand. SEXY


The school office secretary.

She needs to die because she pretty much sucks. All she does is snitch on students all day. She smiles all up in ya grill while she is ratting on your ass in the principal’s office. I ain’t ever met a male school secretary. This snitch has got to go. 

I’m out!


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