WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAA it’s ya boy Darkne$$ here.  If there is one thing that can get me to throw a random post out to the ATI following it’s a new ignant dance.  Those of you loyal followers know my love for the art of moving ignorantly to music.  Our people are starting to get really creative and look to the past for inspiration.

It hard to type this but this new dance sweeping the hood is called the BERNIE.   Yes that Bernie…the one from Weekend at Bernie’s the 1989 classic about a couple dudes who use a dead white guys to get tazed and smash whooties at his expense.  Now if you remember in the equally as ignant sequel Weekend at Bernie’s 2…Bernie gets a voodoo curse put on him and has to dance

Check our boy Bernie Lomax in action:
Now these ignant mofos who are making this a dance:

Absurdness…SMDHATIAP (Shakin’ My Damn Head At These Ignant Ass People)

With that said…My boy Cleotus and I will do this dance everytime.

Darkne$$ aka Warren Goon


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