So its Monday, and I wanted to let everyone know I had a great weekend.


Lets Get a quick recap:

  • Friday: Living in NYC area/”Manford, CT”  for the past 3 years, I have become a pretty big Yankees fan.  Well their season ended by the hands/bats/pitching arms of the Rangers on Friday
  • Saturday: For the 3rd straight week, the #1 team in the Nation fell away from home (this time the Sooners), ND got crushed, but the worst thing for me is that, as a huge fan of MMA, Brock Lesnar got absolutely manhandled by a smaller man, Cain Velasquez, for the UFC Heavyweight title Saturday Night
  • Sunday: The Chicago Bears lose again, with Cutler throwing four INTs to only Deangelo Hall.    It made me feel like Cutler did against the Giants:

So after all of that this weekend, guess what day it is today???

Yep, Passion is going to chokehold the ish out of me today.  And it won’t get any better because, as we all know, Tuesday Passion is even worse than Monday Passion:

OHHH, this would be really bad

Just. Have. To. Survive.

-Hotdogs Anderson


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