Forget Pythagoras, ATI Has Some Theorems For Ya

Posted: October 28, 2010 by Hotdogs Anderson in Escapades In Pancake City, Generic Banter
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I got some down time here and decided to brush up on my geometry skills.  It’s simply amazing what people created in the absence of technology and basic utilities.  Pythagoras was like “yo a-squared plus b-squared equals c-squared.

Aint nobody gonna ever change that. Watch me prove it with some “theorems”.

  • The reciprocal of an open hand slap is a back hand slap
  • If one chick is congruent to another chick then they both are crazy                                
  • Getting caught by your sitch in a inexplicable predicament will now be referred to as a “trapezoid.” For example: Sitch: “Cleo, did you just text a girl named Raquel?” Cleo: “Naw”  Sitch: “Yes you did, I just saw it!”  TRAPEZOID                                                               

-Cleotus Jenkins


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