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RAL 5/20/11

Posted: May 20, 2011 by Logic in Generic Banter

Guff, this video isn’t new but I still get 2x the guffs every time I watch it

Now onto today’s RAL

  • Airlines are MEGA TREACH. Nothing more than that really, just saying. Though it probably stems from me trying to find a flight for memorial day weekend(yea, that’s next weekend. oops). Trying to find a flight for less than the scrill equivalent of a kilo of cocaine is synonymous with impossible
  • The Cavs getting the first and fourth picks in the NBA draft screams #conspiracy. I trust the NBA this much: 0
  • Speaking of the NBA, I have an intense dislike for Jalen Rose. I’m all for a brother making his scrill but ESPN needs to stop putting Jalen Rose on my TV screen. He’s this rare mix of over cooning and over trying. The result: Verbal Mouth Poop(Yes, it’s a scientific term. Look it up)
  • Oh, and Cleveland celebrated those picks like they just won the NBA championship. I think it’s pathetic that the two biggest sporting events of the year are the NFL Draft and the NBA Draft Lottery. Right, because that’s cool. Yea, it’s about as cool as being hit repeatedly in the testicles with a wiffle ball bat while being forced to listen to Soulja Boi rap
  • My PS3 is still broken. Which means I’m still a broken soul.
  • Twitter isn’t going away is it? So we’re really just going to go with it?
  • I’m late so I’m not going to elaborate too much but I’ll say while I wasn’t exactly in the streets celebrating the death of Bin Laden, I’m not disappointed that he’s not with us anymore.
  • So Arnold Schwarzenegger got down with the help and had himself a child out of wedlock. Damn Bruh. While I do not condone what The Governator did he broke rule one of infedility. Trade up…or at least sideways. Can’t be getting down with this. And seriously, celebrities and athletes. You really need to A- stop cheating or B- stop getting married and you need to DEFINITELY C start wrapping it up. Can’t be having kids with people that aren’t your significant other. That’s just wrong. Like two dudes kissing. Gross.
  • Nope. It’s definitely not going away. Shit.

Logic aka The One The Prophecy Foretold Of

“Lights Out for the Hide and Seek Champion”

Posted: May 9, 2011 by Grits N Gravy in Generic Banter


Old news now but Obama is really droppin’ it in some bureaucratic drawls with the “eradication” of Osama Bin Laden (eradication=complete and utter murking). He’s still got that $14 trillion dollar tab to pay to Uncle Sam for the national debt, but Obama has certainly got the US of A looking pretty good in terms of global intelligence and Armed Forces swag. This video of the “original” Obama speech  last Sunday night has me rolling on this otherwise unbearable Monday morning.

I knew Obama should’ve hit some soul train dancing down that long ass red carpet. This dude actually drops some pretty fire lines in the song, and his Obama voice prompts hearty guffs from this guy. His exit dance at 3:05 is ridiculous also. Cleary you have to be serious in your approach and delivery with a speech like that to the American people, but I can always appreciate a little bit of nonsense.